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The Contest

Reilly, Matthew. The Contest

New York, New York: Pan Macmillan, 2003. 424. Print.

The Contest

Matthew Reilly

Jacob Sheldon

Recommended age: Older Teenagers, and Adults

     The Contest, by Matthew Reilly is a novel that features a competition, know as the Presidian. The Presidian is a competition between six different species. Ultimately, a fight to the death. Competitors are trapped in a library, also known as the Labyrinth. The only way to win is to survive until everyone else dies, or kills each other. Also, that is the only way to make it out alive.

    The story follows the main character, Swain, and his experience. He is human, and was chosen against his will. Being human, he is the least evolved being in the contest. Other beings are from other planets. To put it simply, it is the battle for the supremacy of the universe. If Swain loses, he will be leaving behind a catastrophe. He has a young daughter, and his wife was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The sadness of the situation creates a feeling of suspense. For that feeling, I would highly recommend this novel.


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