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Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York: Barnes and Noble Classics, 2003. Print.

ISBN-13: 987-1-59308-005-1


Written By: Mary Shelley

Reviewed By: Anhvu Nguyen

Recommended Audience: High School and College Students

                       Frankenstein is a dramatic and suspenseful novel. The plot consists of three different points of view. The story opens up with a captain writing letters to his sister explaining the introduction of the story. When he is writing his letters, it is in the present. However, his letters are a story of the past. The story then transitions into a new point of view. Victor Frankenstein is now telling the story to the Captain. With Victor’s story he reiterates a monster’s story. The author transitions back and forth with the three points of view throughout the story.

                       In the beginning of the story the Captain journeys around areas of the world. He then encounters Victor in the Arctic. When he sees Victor and his emaciated body, caused by the cold weather, he attempts to help him. After a few days of taking care of Victor and restoring his health, Victor tells him the dangers of pursuing the unknown. He begins to tell the Captain of his past. The story then transitions to Victor telling the story to the Captain. Victor explains how he pursued the unknown for knowledge. As a child he loved to learn and apply his sciences. He then grew up and wanted to create a creature of great stature and be proud of his creation. This is when pursuing the unknown became dangerous for Victor. He dedicated all of his time to this project. He neglected the letters that his relatives sent him. In addition he scavenged for body parts. He became obsessed with this pursuit and it grew out of control.

                      Victor had realized that he bestowed birth upon a “hideous fiend”. Ardently he abandoned the monster and fled the city. He attempted to forget all he had done the past years and returned to his family six months after his creation. Upon returning to his family, they asked him where he had been and what he was doing. He evaded answering their questions and soon discovered that his little brother William had been murdered. He discovered it was the monster that he created who was the murderer. His friend Justine had been accused and condemned as the murderer. Victor later confronts the monster and the monster tells a story about how he felt alone and abandoned. Victor disowns him and in return the monster swears to murder his loved ones. The story then transitions back to the present with the Captain and Victor and Victor is pursuing the monster.

About the Book

About the Author


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When I Found You by Catherine Hyde


Hyde, Catherine R. When I Found You. Black Swan, 2013. 410. Print. <;.

ISBN: 9780552775724

When I Found You, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Rachel Beerck, ages 15+

Mr. Nathan McCann goes hunting one morning with his dog. He comes across an abandoned baby boy laying in a pile of leaves, alive. Mr. McCann takes him to the hospital and makes the decision of adopting the boy. Soon after, the grandmother of the baby steps into the picture. He now has no chance to adopt him. He makes a promise with her to see him later in the future to tell him he was the one who found him.

15 years later, Nathan finds the boy again. The boys name was Nat and his grandmother could no longer take care of him. Nathan promises him he will never abandon him. Nat has a criminal background. Nathan wants to help him because he believes anyone can change.

Description of Author:

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When I Found You Audio

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My Friend Leonard


Frey, James. My Friend Leonard. Penguin Group 2005

 ISBN: 1573223158

My Friend Leonard

Written by: James Frey

Reviewed by: Mazie Wilkerson

Recommended Audience:  High School – Young Adults

James, a young man in his early twenties, has just gotten out of jail after having an addiction to alcohol and other illegal substances. Since he had an addiction he had gone to a rehab before jail and then met a young woman, Lilly, struggling with the same issues as him. Also while being in rehab, he met an elder man named Leonard, a major mobster, who took him in as his own child. They immediately clicked, or at least they did in his eyes. Even though they were not allowed to stay in contact after leaving the treatment center, they did and no one was going to stop them. After getting out of rehab he entered jail for doing other illegal things. While in jail his love for Lilly stayed strong. After serving his time in prison, he drove to Chicago to go see Lilly in a group home she had been staying in. Everything took a turn for the worse. James went into a deep depression after the tragedy that has occurred with Lilly. He finally tried getting a job & even though it might not of been the best job, it was a beginning. Leonard didn’t want James any where near a bar, considering he was an alcoholic in the past. So instead Leonard got him a job transferring illegal drugs and drug money. While doing this job, James was making more money than he could of ever asked for. He had several girlfriends during his journey to getting back on his feet! Towards the end he  goes to several parties, quits the job that Leonard gave him, and figured out how to make it on his own and keep his head up.

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Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades


Riordan, Rick. Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades. 4. Hyperion-Disney Books, 2013. 1072. eBook. ISBN: 978-0-141-33921-4

Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades

Written By: Rick Riordan

Reviewed By: Thomas Nguyen

Recommended Audience: Teenage Students

This is the 4th book of the Heroes of Olympus series. This first takes place in a specific part of the Underworld, Tartarus. Two teenagers named Annabeth and Percy were both sucked/dropped into this world. They have to try to find their way out of the world and to stop the Doors of Death. That is their main quest along with 6 other demigods and 1 satyr. These demigods are Hazel, daughter of Hades, Frank, son of Mars and descendant of Poseidon, Leo, son of Hephaestus, Jason, son of Jupiter, Nico, son of Hades, and Piper, daughter of Aphrodite. There are both Roman and Greeks names because there are two different camp of two different family lineage. There is Camp Half-Blood, which was the first to be brought up and found, and there is Camp Jupiter, which was brought up in the Heroes of Olympus series in the second book, Son of Neptune. Anyways, there is also the satyr named Coach Hedge.  These other 7 friends are on a ship named after the Argo. This is named the Argo II mainly because the captain of the ship (Leo) is the bestfriend of Jason Grace. On the ship’s journey to the mortal side of the Doors of Death, they run into A LOT of trouble. Monsters,  demons, even some minor gods. Luckily they all solved this and got through the journey safe and sound.

On the demigod side of the world, Annabeth and Percy are just barely managing through Tartarus. On their way to the Doors of Death, they found a old friend named Bob. ( real name is Iapetus but he got his memory washed away by the River of Lethe.) He had heard Percy cry out when he and Annabeth were in trouble. Oh, Bob’s job is being the janitor of the Underworld. Still very deadly with a broom. They journey through here with many chances of dying except for Bob, him being immortal and all.

This is a very comical book, alongside with a lot of action and scenes you can picture. Nothing in here is gore but it is vivid. I really encourage young readers, like myself, to read this. Actually, I recommend that whoever decides to read this to read the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, and The Heroes of Olympus because these are all based of mythological beings, made up but inspiring character, and just plain, fun action. These series’ all show teamwork, courage, and the loyalty to never let a friend down. This shows a great sense of togetherness and suspense of what is to come around the corner. This book will definitely expands one’s mind, thoughts, and wisdom.

Description of book:

Publisher’s Website: NA

Description of book and author:

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Ostrich Boys

Gray, Keith. Ostrich boys. New York: Random House, 2010. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-375-85843-7

Ostrich Boys

Written by: Keith Gray

Reviewed by: Tracy Do

Recommend Audience: Middle/ High school

The dynamic four; Blake, Sim, Kenny and Ross, all friends since childhood. A great tragedy falls when they receive news of Ross’ death. It was said that he was hit by a reckless driver while riding home on his bike. Anger fills Blake, Sim and Kenny when it comes to Ross’ funeral. The anger because of the hypocrisy of the kids and teachers who made Ross’ life hell. The ones who  showed up, pretending to care about their best friend. The boys set out to vandalize the houses of the hypocrites, in honor if their friend Ross. But this is not enough for the boys. To them, they still needed to give Ross the funeral he deserved.

What was suppose to be a quick 2-day trip, went wrong and become the adventure of a lifetime. The plan was to steal Ross’ ashes and take them from the English coast to the tiny city of Ross in southern Scotland. After losing all of their money, the boys had to do what was necessary from hitchhiking and paid advertising, to illegal train rides and high-speed police chases, all with their friend Ross with them. But a story isn’t a story without the girls.

Along the journey, there is much discovered. Scandals are exposed. Secrets are revealed. Friendships are test. All of this, in honor the Ross Fell. This jam-packed book of adventure, friendships and laughs is sure to entertain and amaze.

Description of the Book:

Keith as an author:


Youtube Video describing Ostrich Boys:

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Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

Evans, Richard. Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25. New York : Simon Pulse/Mercury Ink, 2011. Print.
ISBN: 9781451656503

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25
Written by: Richard Paul Evans
Reviewed by: Richard Montes
Recommended audiences: 8th-12th grade

          This book follows the adventures of a high school teenager named Michael Vey. Michael goes to a high school in Idaho. He goes to school just like any other kid; except he is usually unnoticed, and gets bullied a lot. Michael’s best friend is named Ostin. Ostin is incredibly smart and loves to go to school; and he loves to eat. Ostin and Michael are all that each other have; they even get beat up together. However, this soon changes when Michael meets Taylor Ridley, the prettiest girl in school. They sat next to each other in Biology class. Michael notices something unique about Taylor, but little did he know that she would have a very similar ability to his own.

          Michael has Tourette’s syndrome, which causes him to blink uncontrollably in uncomfortable or nervous situations. But there’s something special about Michael. Ever since he was born, he had the ability to shock people. For this to happen, he would have to either be directly touching them, or have the victim touch a metal object at the same time as Michael. Either way, he was able to, and if he really wanted to, he could hurt people greatly.

          One day in biology class, Michael noticed something about Taylor. When Mr. Poulsen, their teacher, was about to punish Taylor, he seemed to just have forgotten what he was doing. Michael knew that Taylor did something. When they finally talked about it, they realized just how similar they were. Taylor had seen a display of Michael’s shock before; he was being bullied when all of a sudden the bullies just fell over in excruciating pain. Taylor just ran away, and Michael was scared to see what would happen. However, soon enough he found out Taylor’s power. She had the ability to reboot a person by scrambling the electrical signals in their brain, causing them to forget what they had been doing just a second ago. She also could read their minds if direct contact was made. But both of them had special powers, and both included the power of electricity. They soon begin to realize that someone or something is hunting them down. With the help of Ostin, the three of them create a club called the Electroclan. The clan is trying to discover why Michael and Taylor have these powers, but would something stop them before they find the answer?

Author’s Website:

Description of Book:

Youtube Video Trailer of Book:

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No Safety in Numbers

no safety in numbers cover
Lorentz, Dayna. No Safety in Numbers. 1. 1. New York: Penguin Group, 2012. 1-263. Print.
ISBN: 978-0-8037-3873-7
No Safety in Numbers
Written by: Dayna Lorentz
Reviewed by: Brandon Burtis
Recommended Audience: High School
     The story starts with our narrator, Marco.  Marco is the main narrator and he is the only one in the story who has a job. Lexi is the 14 year old female narrator who was just forced to be enrolled into private school. Lexi is also a very computer friendly person. Ryan is the new kid on the football team whose main goal is to fit in with everyone but he is finding it difficult because of their rude and obnoxious behavior. Shaila (Shay) is a big fan of poetry and now has the responsibility of caring for her sister and her diabetic grandma.

     The story starts with Marco running from some jocks in the mall. To get away from them, he runs into a room and hides. In this room, he spots a strange looking device and calls for help. When they find out it is a biological bomb, the government decides to quarantine the mall along with everyone in it. Marco soon runs into Shay and the story starts off here. We soon find out that this problem isn’t going away. The people begin to get sick and the food supplies start to run very low. About 100 pages into the book people within the mall begin to riot. And the story goes from there.

     This story was obviously made just to get you interested in the upcoming books. This became obvious to me when people just started to riot at 100 pages is and the book is only 263 pages long. This story was a very good and read and I definitely recommend it to a friend who likes to read.
Author’s website:
Publisher’s website:
Description of book on Goodreads:
Book trailer on YouTube:

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Funke, Cornelia. Inkheart. 1st ed. 1. New York: Scholastic Inc., 2003. 1- 534. Print.



Written by: Cornelia Funke

Reviewed by: Kyle Bui

Recommended Audience: Young Adult and older

              Inkheart is a fantasy novel about a young girl named Meggie who lives with her father, Mortimer. Mortimer has a passion for books and also has a peculiar ability. The ability Mo posses caused something that Meggie will not remember for a long time. Meggie is only 12 years old and has a passion for books just like her father. Mortimer or Mo for short, is a “book doctor” that has constantly gone to places where ever a book is needed for repair. One night Meggie sees a dark shadowy figure in the rain through her window. This figure turns out to be an old friend of Mo’s, Dustfinger. To Meggie is someone who she knows nothing about but yet seems fairly familiar to her. Dustfinger tells Mo that someone is after him and that Mo needs to run.

             Mo decides to go up to his wife’s aunt’s house up in northern Italy. As he packs some of his belongings and tools for the trip, Meggie notices a book cover in brown paper that catches her attention. This leads her to ask Mo what book is that and if she could read it. Mo immediately says no leaving Meggie to wonder why did he say no so abruptly. When Meggie, Mo, Dustfinger arrive at the aunt’s house, Meggie discovers that her name is Elinor. This also lead to her discovery about the true reason for why they are there, for Elinor to hide the secret book. This starts a chain of events that will lead to the discovery of dark secrets that Mo has been hiding from Meggie. This book shows off mystery, fantasy, and adventure.

Publisher’s Website:

Author’s Website:


Movie Trailer:

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Night Rise

Horowitz,Anthony.Night Rise. New

York: Scholastic Press,2011. Print

ISBN: 0-439-68001

Night Rise

Written By: Anthony Horowitz

Reviewed By: Alex Nguyen

Recommended  Audience: Teens and Adults

                                     Night Rise is a novel about two brothers Jaime and Scott Tyler who are twins, that obtain a special ability to communicate telepathically. It all starts off when they are performing in a show and using their ability to entertain people. However, Jaime and Tyler don’t like doing it because their foster parents only keep them to make money.The first performance had begun and things got weird. So Jaime had asked for volunteers but when he got a glimpse of the participant, it was very unusual and grotesque male that got his attention. Then the man  had taken out a card for the object to use for the act, and Jaime had read it while being curiously stared. The card said “Night Rise Corporation”(Horowitz 13) which was probably who the man worked for. Eventually the act had worked and the two brothers went back stage. So the second performance began and things were got worse. Jaime asked for a volunteer from the audience, and eventually he picks someone which was a women. Then, he told her to pick something out of her purse so Scott could guess the object, and it was a picture of a boy. Suddenly Scott began to shout out that the woman’s son was kidnapped, and the lady had asked him how he had known about that but she was soon escorted back to her seat. It was very unusual for that to happen but Jaime had to forget about it, and the second show was about to end.

                                      After they had finished both shows Jaime and Scott went to their dressing room. However, when they had stepped out of the door there were two men who Scott did not recognize, but Jaime knew who he was looking at right away. It was the man from the first show and his partner and worst thing was that, they were holding guns. Then, the two brothers ran as fast as they could away from those men and luckily the dog that was there, had bit them making a distraction. Both Jaime and Scott had dashed out of there trying to dodge the bullets that were aimed at them. Soon they made it out the door and were in the parking lot, but when they thought they became safe from danger there was a car that pulled up and only managed to get Scott. Although only one of the two brothers were captured, both were shot with a dart gun. Later, Jaime had woken up in a hotel and had no idea how he got there. Then a women came up to him and it was the lady from the second show, and she told him that she found him laying down next to where he had performed. Her name was Alicia McGuire and her son Daniel was too kidnapped like Scott. Jaime then began to brainstorm, and was wondering if there was a connection between the incidents. Finally, he found out that the corporation Night Rise had taken Alicia’s son and Scott away. This the beginning of the crisis that Jaime had to handle with the help of Alicia.

About The Author:

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Anthony Horowitz Interview:

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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War |

Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War. New York: Laurel Leaf Books. 1974. Print.

IBSN: 0-440-94495-7

The Chocolate War

Robert Cormier

C. McClatchie

Recommended Reading Age: 13–18 years.

      Go with the flow, don’t step out of line, and sell whatever they tell you to. Those are the invisible but very strictly enforced rules of Trinity private school. Keep your head down, don’t do anything unless you’re told to, and when given an assignment, do it. That’s how the students are to survive. Don’t try to make a point, don’t speak your voice, don’t stand up for someone when they’re being punished, and don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever disobey brother Leon! And definitely, most certainly, under no circumstances should you even breathe the name of the Vigils!

     With the exception of brother Leon, a corrupt teacher who gets what he wants when he wants it in any way he wants, the Vigils are the cruelest and most powerful force in the whole school. Though technically to most teachers they do not exist, when they give an assignment it is always done, no matter how terrible it is. Students fear the scheming Archie Costello who gives out the assignments–no one wants to be assigned to something horrible or worse, get on the Vigil’s bad side. No one dares to disobey. Until one day, a freshman named Jerry Reynault does. Tired of the unjust system of the school, Jerry disturbs the universe and refuses to sell chocolates for the school. The action: small–the result: disaster.

     Told from the veiwpoints from various Trinity high school students, the story unfolds its suspenseful events. The life of Jerry’s best friend, Goober, is turned upside down, the students begin to fight the system and the Vigils, Jerry is turned from a nobody trying out for football to a hero respected by even the seniors to another victim of the system, and the Vigils get really, really, really mad–mad enough to take a step too far. It all ends in a thrilling way that no one suspects. Should you disturb the universe? Or should you go with the flow, even when it’s wrong?

Robert Cormier


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