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The Goddess Test


Carter, Aimee. The Goddess Test. 1st ed. 1. Harlequin Teen, 2011. Print.

The Goddess Test

Written By: Aimee Carter

Reviewed By: Paulina Masley

Recommended Audience: High School

            The Goddess Test is a romantic sci-fi novel with a modern twist on Greek mythology. It will have you wanting to throw the book across the room while not being able to set it down at the same time. The way Aimee Carter explains the emotions of the characters, it feels like you’re actually experiencing the tale yourself.  She combines modern society and ancient Greek mythology so well, it will have you reconsidering your beliefs on what is real or not. All the plot twists and emotion will have your heart racing and melting.

            The story starts out in Eden, Michigan where Kate and her mother, who has cancer, moved. Her mother’s last wish was to return to the place she once grew up. Unfortunately for Kate, she had to start a new life at a new school where she met some peculiar students. She befriended a nerdy, yet thoughtful, boy named James and unintentionally got on Ava’s , who is the school’s most popular, bad side. One night, when Ava was supposed to take her to a party, Ava was actually playing a cruel prank on Kate and took her out to the woods. Right as Ava was about to leave Kate in the middle of the woods, she fell into a stream, cracked her head open and proceeded to drown. As Kate pulled Ava’s lifeless body out of the stream, a handsome yet eerie man that lived nearby told her that he would bring her friend back to life if she agreed to live with him for 6 months. Kate always felt something was odd and supernatural about him, but something about him made her decide to stay and be put to the test.

Description of book:

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Maximum Ride: The Angel Expirement

Patterson, James, and Abigail Blackman. Maximum Ride. New York: Yen, 2009. Print.

ISBN: 9780316155564

Author: James Patterson

Reviewed by: Jordan Wilson

Recommended age group: 12-16 yrs. old

    Maximum Ride: The Angel Expirement is a story about six young kids, told from first-person by Max, who live on their own. But they are not at all like normal kids. These six seemingly average kids have wings that were created by scientists at The School. The scientists treated them like a group of lab rats and had them caged. One of the scientists, Jeb, saw how cruel they had been and escaped with all six of them, but later leaves them unexpectedly. Max age 14 is the oldest and takes lead, Fang also 14 is a ver emo like character that keeps to himself, Iggy 14 too is blind and very sarcastic. Nudge 11 years old is very optimistic and perky, while Gasman eight years old is a very humorous and mischievous character, and Angel, the youngest, is only six years old  is powerful and also Gasman’s sister.

For four years the six of them live peacefully alone and safe, until the Flock is ambushed at home by strong, horrible half wolf and half man creatures. They are all in bad shape and discover that Angel is missing and taken to the School in California. Max decides that she, Nudge, and Fang will go to save Angel, while Gasman and Iggy stay home. On the way Max decides to help a girl in need and is injured for a few days. When she returns with the group she finds that Gasman and Iggy were attacked and had to escape from the claws of the Erasers. They all continue on to the School. Max, Fang, and Nudge all purposely get captured. They discover Jeb is alive and he tells Max that she was created to save the world and she has been tested her whole life. Still hurt and confused, she decides to not trust him. The scientists plan to transport Max, Fang, Nudge, and Angel in their cages, they escape their cages and get backup from Gasman and Iggy.

They manage to get free of the Erasers and scientists and begin their journey to New York. Max had heard scientists talking about the Institute in New York which had information on their past and they all make their flight across the country. The Flock makes it safely except Max has a chronic migraine that causes extreme pain and begins to hear voices in her head while in New York. With much difficulty they discover the Institute by going through a series of underground pass and sewer. They also discover a whole zoo of cages filled with kids who have been genetically  modified. Seeing them reminds them of themselves and they work to help them all escape safely. The Flock get info on their past before they interrupted a group of Erasers and Jeb.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment is an imaginative story about a group of kids who share the same special trait. The author provides insight on the struggle of leading a group of homeless kids by having first-person point of view. This hidden world of merciless scientists and mutated children is very intriguing. Readers can feel the same emotions as Max describes the arduous experiences she endures and get great insight of this hidden world.

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Angels and Demons

Dan. Angels and Demons. NY: Pocket Books, 2000. Print.

ISBN: 9780743501569

Angels & Demons

Written By: Dan Brown

Reviewed By: Morgan Parker

Recommended Audience: High school and above

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown is a great book that follows the protagonist, Robert Langdon, on his adventure to solve a mystery. This book is fiction and did not happen, although there are many pieces of this book that are entirely true. This book also follows the antagonist, a murderer through all of his dealings and agreements with people. Robert Langdon is a Professor of Religious Iconology and Symbology at Harvard University. So basically he studies ancient symbols. One day he gets a call regarding a murder at a CERN, a european organization for nuclear research. Physicist Leonardo Vetra was murdered, who was one of CERN’s best researchers. When Langdon gets to CERN headquarters in switzerland, they find Leonardo Vetra’s dead body, branded with the illuminati symbol.

For the remainder of the book, we follow Langdon on his adventure to find a new substance called anti-matter that Leonardo and his daughter had been busy creating. this had never been done before and this stuff was highly reactive. when Leonardo was killed, whoever killed him, stole a canister of anti-matter as well. Langdon believes that the illuminati had taken it to Vatican City, because the illuminati’s biggest enemy is the Catholic Church. So Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, Leonardo’s daughter, go to Rome, Italy to Vatican City to find the anti-matter. on his adventure, his skills are tested to uncover the true mystery of the illuminati.

Author’s Website:

Book Review (video):

Book Review:

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The Road by Cormac McCarthy

the road

McCarthy, Cormac. The Road. New York: Vintage Books, 2007. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-307-38789-9

The Road

Written by: Cormac McCarthy

Reviewed by: Matthew Messick

Recommended audience: Young Adult

    The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a story about a boy and his father walking down a seemingly endless road trying to head south to get to a warmer conditions in temperature because where they are it always rains and its deadly cold.  At first the story feels almost like a zombie novel and you expect mutations of humans or any other animal to attack the two.  However, what they find is actually much more disturbing. The sky is grey and ashes fall with the rain and there is nothing on the ravaged wastelands except a scaorched landscape that reminds you of a sense that nothing is moving and that life is pointless.  Because all animals and plants have been destroyed, many people survive by way of cannibalism.  Even still, the story is not what you might think.  It’s very much focused on the relationship between a father and a son, the sense of loss, and the feelings of hopelessness.  The horror of the novel is in these emotions, not in the external world. All the son and father have is a shopping cart to carry whatever loot they can scavenge as in canned food and clothing, a pistol to protect against possible road agents, and each other.

The story has many flash backs to the father’s wife also known as the son’s mother a little after the fate of the world was scorched in fire and how she was unable to come to gripes with  the reality of the end of the world.  They had many discussions around the idea of ending all 3 of their lives in order to avoid confronting reality.  She took one path and the father took another.  The story explored these deep emotions and made me ask, “how would I react?”

The father and son had no names in the book.  The book never describes exactly what happened to the world.  And their exact destination is really not a key aspect of the story.  There were lawless bandits that stalk the road, but this too was not what made the story.  It was simply an exploration of conflicting human emotions.

Book review:

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Deeper (The second book in the tunnels series)

             Gordon, Roderick and Williams, Brian. Deeper.  Somerset: Chicken House, 2008. Print.

ISBN: 9781905294626


Written by: Roderick Gordon and Brain Williams

Reviewed by: Alonzo Cerda

Recommended Audience: High school

    The story Deeper is a sequel to the book Tunnels. Tunnels  is about a boy named Will Burrows and his dad that is named Dr. Burrows. They both share an interest in archaeology, which is the study of past life from fossils and other information. Then Dr. Burrows goes missing as soon as he begins to notice strange people around his area. After he goes missing Will and his friend Chester go out to find him. They search in his house and they find a blocked passage behind a book shelf and behind it is a passage that takes them to and underground area. Then they are captured by the Colony which is the police of the underground community but Will finds out from Jerome that he is apart of the Colony and that they are his family.Jerome is his dad and his son Cal is now his brother. He is released and Will then goes to Jerome’s house and sees Uncle Tam. Tam tells him that his father (step father) is in the Deeps which is a deeper place than the colony. He also learns that the Styx are the religious rulers of the colony (bad guys) and they have is friend. Will, Cal and Uncle Tam go to the deeps to rescue Chester and Wills step father and they rescue Chester and Tam kills the leader of Styx but he is left behind. At the end they show Will’s sister Rebecca as a Styx.

    In Deeper the story continues with Will still trying to find his step father. The story first shows Will’s mother sad because her brother Tam has died. Meanwhile, Will, Chester, and Cal go back to deeps and they go into a house there and find evidence of Will’s step father and realize that he has been there. Then Will’s mother Sarah is tricked by Rebecca because she says that Will killed Tam and if she doesn’t come with her then Will will die too. Will is in a bad situation and he has to find his dad in a dangerous area filled with the Styx. Also Will has to get his mom from Rebecca.

    Will now must find in his dad in one of the most dangerous places, the deeps, and he must not get caught by the Styxs or he will be killed. Then he finds out that Rebecca is planning an evil plot to destroy the topsoilers or everybody that lives on the surface ofthe earth. How can Will be able to save all of those people?. Will he be able to find his dad, save his mom, and save the topsoilers? Can Will survive?

YouTube Video Book Trailer :

Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams interview:

Deeper Review:


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No Safety in Numbers

no safety in numbers cover
Lorentz, Dayna. No Safety in Numbers. 1. 1. New York: Penguin Group, 2012. 1-263. Print.
ISBN: 978-0-8037-3873-7
No Safety in Numbers
Written by: Dayna Lorentz
Reviewed by: Brandon Burtis
Recommended Audience: High School
     The story starts with our narrator, Marco.  Marco is the main narrator and he is the only one in the story who has a job. Lexi is the 14 year old female narrator who was just forced to be enrolled into private school. Lexi is also a very computer friendly person. Ryan is the new kid on the football team whose main goal is to fit in with everyone but he is finding it difficult because of their rude and obnoxious behavior. Shaila (Shay) is a big fan of poetry and now has the responsibility of caring for her sister and her diabetic grandma.

     The story starts with Marco running from some jocks in the mall. To get away from them, he runs into a room and hides. In this room, he spots a strange looking device and calls for help. When they find out it is a biological bomb, the government decides to quarantine the mall along with everyone in it. Marco soon runs into Shay and the story starts off here. We soon find out that this problem isn’t going away. The people begin to get sick and the food supplies start to run very low. About 100 pages into the book people within the mall begin to riot. And the story goes from there.

     This story was obviously made just to get you interested in the upcoming books. This became obvious to me when people just started to riot at 100 pages is and the book is only 263 pages long. This story was a very good and read and I definitely recommend it to a friend who likes to read.
Author’s website:
Publisher’s website:
Description of book on Goodreads:
Book trailer on YouTube:

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Race Against Time


Anthony, Piers. Race Against Time. 1st ed. New York: Tom Doherty Associates Inc., 1973. 255. Print.
ISBN : 0-812-53101-9

Title: Race Against Time
Author: Anthony Piers
Taoh Nichols
Recommended Audience:
High School

Race Against Time is a Science Fiction book made by Piers Anthony set in the distant future. There are these people that call themselves Standards. The Standards have a really clean and organized life style. They have these zoo’s, (enclaves) with teens of different races inside. So far the Standards have fooled the teens in thinking that life is normal and Earth is their home.

There are two teens that have found out that the world is not what they seem. John and Betsy are the two main characters, and they have managed to communicate about an escape without the Standards knowing. After John and Betsy escape the enclave, they begin to find other trapped teens from other countries and help them escape. The group  then decide to steal a space ship and travel back to Earth. After in space for 2 weeks, they finally learn the truth.



Race Against Time 30. sec

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Collins, Suzanne. Mockingjay. 2010. Photograph. n.p. Web. 14 Dec 2013. <;.

ISBN-10: 0439023513


Written By: Suzanne Collins

Reviewed By: Justin Dimeck

Recommended Audience: 13-18+

Mockingjay is the third book in The Hunger Games series. Katniss, the main character and her lover Peeta, who had both defeated The Hunger Games together and for the first time in the history of the games they were two victors, not one. In the second book Katniss and Peeta go on their Victory Tour around Panem visiting each District. But they can see that things are now different ever since both of them won the games. The people of Panem saw their act of planning to kill themselves together so there was no victor as an act of rebellion and not out of love. The Quarter Quell is approaching and for it, The Capitol will reap tributes from the existing pool of Victors. Peeta and Katniss both go back into the games. At the end of the games Katniss is rescued by the Gamemaker and her mentor out of the Arena. Peeta was not saved and was abducted by the Capitol.  Katniss was rescued to be the symbol of the Rebellion. She is going to be the Mockingjay. This was the beginning of the Rebellion against the Capitol

Katniss wakes up in District 13, which was said to be destroyed, and right away takes control as her new job as the symbol of the rebellion. She has to film many commercials showing her support for the Rebels and to encourage them to keep fighting. These are called propos. District 13 is very organized and has a daily schedule for you everyday. She cannot handle being underground for this long and she is allowed to go outside and hunt within a certain radius. District Thirteen sends her out on many missions fighting against the Capitol. During these battles many many many, things change in Katniss’ life. They are many moments in this book that are very shocking and things that you would not expect to ever happen. Many  people have left her life and many new people enter her life. You also get to find out what happens to Peeta since he was abducted by the Capitol during the 75th Hunger Games. Mockingjay has left people satisfied and some disliking how the series ended. Personally, for me I did enjoy the ending of this book and the full series of The Hunger Games Trilogy.


Suzanne Collins Official webpage for

Tim O’ Brien’s (Illustrator) Official webpage: 

Interview with Director of Mockingjay movies Part 1 & 2:

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Fire & Ash


Maberry, Johnathan. Fire & Ashe. New York, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2013. Print. ISBN: 978-1-4424-3992-4

Fire & Ash

Written By: Johnathon Maberry

Reviewed By: Andy Oliver

Recommended Audience: High School

Have you ever had to make decisions that depended on your life or someone else’s? This happens to Benny Imura on a daily basis. 14 years after the zombie infestation has struck earth, it is up to Benny and his friends, Nix, Chong, and Lilah to set things right in the world. This is the fourth book of the Rot & Ruin series. For a little recap that happens if the first three books, Benny and friends are from a small little haven from the death called “Mountainside”, located in the mountains of California. Benny, his older brother, Tom, Nix, Chong, and Lilah kill an evil man by the name of Charlie Pink-Eye, and destroy Gameland, a place where evil men throw innocent into pits to fight zombies to gamble. During this event, Tom is shot in the back and killed, although they succeed in destroying the place, the loss of one of the greatest men in the Rot & Ruin (What the world is now called) took a lot out of them. Benny and friends then set out on a journey of what Tom intended to take with them- to find where a jet came from. After the zombies started to attack, the military Nuked all the major cities, causing an EMP effect, disabling all and every electronics, yet there was that jet. While looking for the jet, they come across a cult of death worshipers who’s purpose is to kill every last of the living so that the zombies would rule the world as intended. By the skin of their teeth, they escape and find the jet in “Sanctuary”, which is located in Area 51, Arizona; but in the process, Chong was hit with a zombie flesh infected arrow and is on the verge of death. Benny, Nix, and Lilah now have to find these research notes by a scientist who is thought dead that might of found out the cure for the zombie plague.

When reading this book, you can actually feel as if you are there too. Johnathan Maberry does an excellent job with detail, character development, and of course, action sequences.  I’ve actually written to Johnathan, praising him of the book and how funny certain lines were. Well it turns out, he is great friends with the creator of the Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, and added some aspects from the comic/show into the book to make it clear that Benny Imura and Rick Grimes are actually from the same zombie apocalypse. Robert also did that same, but more discretely (I would of shown a quote from the e-mail but it appears that i must of accidentally deleted it). This book, and the whole series is mostly for teenager due to the mild language and descriptive gore, though I do recommend it to everyone over the age of 13. In closing, I highly recommend this book. It’s a great read and once you’re done, you’d be begging for the author to add more to the series (Which i did ask him in the e-mail, and he replied he’s working on it right now!)

A more in depth review:

Author’s website:

About the publisher:

Video about the book:

Sound Cloud:

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What’s Left of Me

Zhang, Kat. What’s Left Of Me, The Hybrid Chronicles.

HarperCollins Publishers, 2012.

ISBN: 978-0-06-211487-7

What’s Left Of Me, The Hybrid Chronicles

Written By: Kat Zhang

Reviewed By: Samantha Truong

Recommended Audience: Ages 12-16

     In a futuristic dystopian world, all babies are born with two souls entwined in a single body, where one must die out over time and the other dominates. This is the pain of Eva and Addie, two girls who have always remembered sharing their body ever since birth. This is normal in their world: a young baby bearing two souls, taking turns controlling their body’s movements and actions. If nature plays its part successfully, the child must “settle” by the age of five, when one of the two minds fades away and the other owns the body to itself. If one failed to settle, it meant something was terribly wrong with them. Those who couldn’t settle after the necessary age became known as “hybrids”. Many tried to disguise themselves as normal people; many others went crazy, the two souls trying to tear apart from each other. They were the cause of a devastating war in history resulting in all hybrids being forced out of the United States, leaving it a hybrid-free country. This spawned many problems, as all those foreign to American blood was almost always hybrid. Simply being hybrid and living on American-soil made you a criminal, and those who were caught had the worst coming for them. The predicament with Eva and Addie is that, even after surpassing the proper age, they wouldn’t settle. Ever since the first-grade, Addie began to show signs of being the more dominant soul, taking better control of their body’s motor functions while Eva was incapable of resisting, even if she disagreed with the choices Addie made. Despite being the weaker soul, Eva clung to what control she had left of their shared body, refusing to leave the world as the soul that should be forgotten. For this reason, Eva and Addie have always been known as the strange little girl who wouldn’t settle. At the age of six, a year after they settling limit, they began to see specialists, one after the other. They ran tests, were given medication, asked questions, yet given no answer as to why their condition was the way it was. Their parents would cry, plead, and beg for more time, more time for their little girl to settle, to become normal. All their tests and medications were for the sole purpose of accomplishing one goal: getting rid of Eva.

     Their efforts worked, in a way. Eva began to fade away rapidly, losing more and more control of their body. Their parents, who were once frantic and hopeless, found relief, happy their little girl would be able to live a normal life. Finally, at the age of twelve, the doctors confirmed Addie settled, releasing her from the frenzy of tests and medicine. To celebrate, their family moved to a new town where they could start anew, a place where nobody knew of Addie and Eva’s previous condition, where they could blend in as a family with a normal and settled daughter. Ever since then, Eva’s name was never called nor written. When they applied to a new school, “Addie” was the only name written on their application form. Everyone thought it was finally over, that their little girl was finally like everyone else. What they didn’t know was that, even after their doctors claimed they had settled, Eva was all there. She hadn’t disappeared. Although she had no control over their body, she was able to see the world through Addie’s eyes, think her own thoughts, and diverge in her own self-pity. The only person who knew Eva hadn’t gone away was Addie. Addie and Eva communicate with one another in their minds, and did little to stay sane without each other. There was never a time, even after Eva had lost all her motor functions, Addie hadn’t acknowledged the fact that Eva was still alive inside of her.

They thought they could live this way forever, keeping Eva concealed within their body. No one had to know she still existed. The only person Eva had left in her life was Addie, the only girl who could hear her, the only girl who shared every living moment with her ever since they were brought into the world. They were able to convince their own parents that they were settled for two years. And two years was all it took for it to happen; someone knew they hadn’t settled as everyone was fooled into thinking. It wasn’t a doctor or professor who discovered their secret, however. Rather, it was a fellow student of theirs, a girl avoided because of her Spanish-lineage, a large indication that she might have been hybrid herself. It was Hally Mullan, a freshman attending Addie’s high school. She had latched herself onto Addie, who was unable to push her away due to Hally’s constant clinginess and Eva’s objections, as she had felt sorry for the girl. Being near Hally was possibly the worst mistake they could have made. Invited to the Mullan house, Addie was less than willing to go, however Eva had reassured her that being considerate wouldn’t hurt anyone. Eva couldn’t have been more wrong. The date resulted in Hally revealing that both she and her older brother Devon were hybrids, their neighboring souls Lissa and Ryan.  She found out Addie shared the same problem after suspicions and hacking into their medical files. They were different from Eva and Addie, however, as the hybrids shared the same amount of control over their bodies, and promised to teach Eva how to do the same. In utter denial, Addie fled the house, only to have Eva coax her into going back, pleading that they could be the solution to her problem, as she was desperate to relearn how talk and move again.

Eventually, Addie returned. Hally had happily accepted Eva’s request, drugging Addie into a forced sleep. Only Eva was aware as Addie was unconscious. During her first session, Hally and Devon had guided her, attempting to teach her how to use her motor skills as she had when they were younger. Eva’s efforts brought no progress until at the very last minute, when she was able strangle a single phrase in her frustration: “I can’t!”. From then on, Eva would urge Addie to go to the Mullans house progressively, and little by little, Eva was able to regain a few of her abilities. Everything seemed to fall back into place for Eva, until Hally and Devon were discovered. An institution had taken Hally and Lissa away once they discovered she had not settled, to a place where they would “correct her”. Before Addie and Eva were to share Hally’s fate, Devon warned them to run, to run away from their homes so they wouldn’t be discovered. Addie and Eva hadn’t carried out his warning, as they hadn’t any idea where to go if they ran away. They later regretted not listening to his advice, because on the same night they were warned, a stern man under the name Mr. Conivent visited their home to collect them. It was a shock for their parents, as Eva hadn’t been mentioned for two years ever since Addie claimed to have settled. They had done everything in their will to prevent their daughter from being taken away, however by the end of the night they were in his car and being driven away to the airport, where they would be sent to Nornand, a clinic where doctors analyze and “correct” hybrids. The story unfolds as Addie and Eva must stay strong and support each other when their chance of living a normal life is threatened, and must find a way to get out of the clinic, all the while learning how to survive together and hold on to what they cherish the most: life.

Online Book Summary and Community Reviews:

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Author’s Website:

Author’s Blog:

Kat Zhang Reading and Excerpt From The Book:

What’s Left Of Me Book Trailer:

Youtube Book Review:

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