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The Goddess Test


Carter, Aimee. The Goddess Test. 1st ed. 1. Harlequin Teen, 2011. Print.

The Goddess Test

Written By: Aimee Carter

Reviewed By: Paulina Masley

Recommended Audience: High School

            The Goddess Test is a romantic sci-fi novel with a modern twist on Greek mythology. It will have you wanting to throw the book across the room while not being able to set it down at the same time. The way Aimee Carter explains the emotions of the characters, it feels like you’re actually experiencing the tale yourself.  She combines modern society and ancient Greek mythology so well, it will have you reconsidering your beliefs on what is real or not. All the plot twists and emotion will have your heart racing and melting.

            The story starts out in Eden, Michigan where Kate and her mother, who has cancer, moved. Her mother’s last wish was to return to the place she once grew up. Unfortunately for Kate, she had to start a new life at a new school where she met some peculiar students. She befriended a nerdy, yet thoughtful, boy named James and unintentionally got on Ava’s , who is the school’s most popular, bad side. One night, when Ava was supposed to take her to a party, Ava was actually playing a cruel prank on Kate and took her out to the woods. Right as Ava was about to leave Kate in the middle of the woods, she fell into a stream, cracked her head open and proceeded to drown. As Kate pulled Ava’s lifeless body out of the stream, a handsome yet eerie man that lived nearby told her that he would bring her friend back to life if she agreed to live with him for 6 months. Kate always felt something was odd and supernatural about him, but something about him made her decide to stay and be put to the test.

Description of book:

Video review about the book:

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Leaving Paradise

Elkeles, Simone. Leaving Paradise. Woodbury, MN: Flux, 2007. Print.

Leaving Paradise


Written by: Simone Elkeles

Reviwed by: Jessica Jimenez

Recomended Audience: High School Students

         Leaving Paraise  by Simone Elkeles is based on two high school teens. Caleb Beaker, who spent most of his junior year in juvenile detention. Maggie Armstrong, her junior year in hopitals and physical theraphy. The book starts with Caleb being relased early from his jail sentance. The reason why Caleb was sent to jail was because he had been in a hit and run car accident. He had been drunk and ran a girl over. That girl was Maggie Armstrong. Maggie was nearly killed and has suffered at lot of surgeries. She is filled with anger and is very tramatized and cannot seem to forgive Caleb. While both teens have been away from school alot has changed. Maggies friends are now fake and care alot about how they look. They are forced to invite Maggie to a back to school party. At the party is were Maggie hears about the news that Caleb is back. She cannot belive this and escapes from the party to a park. The last person she excepected to see there is Cabel Becker himself. He is at the park because his mom threw him a welcome back home party. But he could not support it any more so he escaped as well.  He hates how every one treats him as a criminal. When they both met in the park Maggie was so shocked that she loses her balnace n Cable trys tobhelp her. She pushes him away and runs home. She relaizes that she is not going to be able to avoid Caleb like she wanted to. Her plan was to leave for Spain when Caleb was to come to come back from jail. But now her plan is runied because hes back and  she will have to see him at school as well.

        When they both return back to school they are both treated very diffrently. Maggie is an outcast that everyone is sorry for. Caleb ia an Ex-con that everyone wants to get a glimpse of. But Caleb hates all the attention. And on top of that his patrol officer is always on him.  He has to complete community service hours with and old lady named Mrs.Reyloids. He also finds out that his ex girlfrirnd Kendra was cheating on him with his bestfriend.  He wants anything but more issuses. While Caleb is dealing with his problems Maggie has her own. She recives a letter from the school in Spain that her scholarship has become void  since she no longer played tennis, and thats the only way she could get the scholarship. Her moms bosses mother, Mrs. Reyloids offers Maggie a job that will pay all the expensis for the schoool in Spain. Maggie gladly accpeted the job not knowing  that Caleb was working for her too.

         Maggie confesses to the readers about the love she used to feel for Caleb. She met him when she was younger. Caleb is Maggies ex bestfriend twin brother. So Maggie used to go over to her friends house and play with her  and Caleb. She develpoed a crush on him and then that developed into love, but Caleb never loved her back. When Cable ands Maggie are forced to work together at Mrs. Reyloids they slowly being to push the past behind them and start over again. When they face family issuses they find themseleves going to each other to find comfort. Caleb slowly starts to develp feelings for Maggie. Feelings hes never felt for anymore before. Maggie trusts him but not enough to show him her scars from the accident. He does everything he can to gain her heart. But Maggie still does not trust him and denys him his only wish:to see the scars on her legs from the accident. Caleb is heartbroken by this and desides to leave town forever. But just as Caleb is preparing to leave town Maggie discovers a secret from the accident that was kept hidden. If only she had known this earlier her life and Cabels would be totally diffrent and for the better. But now its too late, hes leaving.  You’ll never guess the secret. Read the book to find out!

Descpription of Book:

Authors Website:

Trailer of the Movie:

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Paper Towns

Green, John. Paper Towns. 1st ed. New York: Penguin Group, 2008. Print.

ISBN: 9780142414934

Paper Towns

Written By: John Green

Reviewed By: Sara Nunes-Naeole

Recommended  Audience: High school

          Quentin Jacobsen was just a normal high school student who had awkward and traumatizing moments like everyone else. But one day when he was a kid he went to Jefferson Park with his childhood best friend Margo Roth Spiegelman, they found a dead body. The strange thing wasn’t so much the dead body but it was the fact that after that day they never so much as said a “hello” to one another. So, Q (Quentin’s nickname) went through high school as if that day never happened. He was close to graduation and was just waiting for the school year to be over when one night. Margo came knocking on the window looking for someone to drive her around seeking revenge on her so called “friends”. Q was as hesitant as anyone would be if there ex-best friend came knocking on there bedroom window, in the dead of the night, on a school night. He didn’t give it much thought and gave into Margo’s offer.

          After a night full of dead fishes and breaking into Sea World, Margo went missing. It wasn’t uncommon for Margo to runaway but this time it was different, her parents didn’t want her back. Before leaving Margo would always leave a clue no matter how strange or blunt it was. This time Margo didn’t leave the clues for her parents, she left it for Q to find. Q thought Margo would have come back after a few days but when she didn’t, he started to search for clues. Unraveling the clues and figuring out how the pieces connected, even using clues that weren’t intended to be clues, was the real challenge. Skipping prom and graduation day weren’t so much as a thought to Q as long as he found Margo.

Author describing book:

Review on book:


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Tigers Curse

Tiger’s Curse  tigerscurse

Colleen Houck,Tiger’s Curse ,New York: splinter publisher , c2011

ISBN: 1-40278403-1

       Author: Colleen Houck 

Reviewed by: Calvin Lai

Recommended Audience: middle schoolers, and high schoolers

          This book is about a girl from Oregon and she lives with her foster parents, because her parents pasted away. She and a white tiger meet at the circus she works at. Then a guy comes to the circus to buy the tiger from the circus. After that she is sent with the tiger to India to let the tiger lose in a reserved area.

         In the beginning Kelsey signs up for a job in the circus. she is to go there to work as a ticket seller and to help feed the tiger. She tells her foster parents about this and Mike her foster dad asked if she need a ride there. Then the next day she goes there and looks for Mr. Maurizio at the circus. When she found Mr. Maurizio he tells her to help out Matt with selling tickets and help out Mr. Davis with feeding the tiger.

           Later on Kelsey is asked to come with Mr. Kadam and Dhiren (white tiger) to go to the a reserved area for Ren. When she agrees with the request Kelsey’s foster parents decides  throws her a leaving party. The next day Kelsey is driven to the airport by Mr. Kadam. Then they board a private airplane and go to there seat and then a flight attendant askes them if they want anything to drink or eat. Later Kelsey goes into the bathroom and sees that it is a very fancy bathroom with a standing shower and a dispensing soap machine. Once she was done showering she sat down in her chair and saw that there was lunch set up in front of her. When the flight attendant opens the cover she sees that it is crusted hazelnut halibut with buttered asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes

Tiger’s Curse – Tiger’s Curse Wiki

Books – Tiger’s Curse

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

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Dear John

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Eleanor & Park


Rowell, Rainbow, and Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor & Park.

New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, 2013. 1-325. Print.

ISBN: 978-250-01257-9 

Eleanor & Park

Written by: Rainbow Rowell

Reviewed by: Jessica Leal

Recommended Audience: High School

   Eleanor & Park is a book with many ups and downs. It’s a book of two misfits in love. Eleanor and her family have a difficult situation at home. Eleanor is new to school, and is instantly their new target of bullying. She takes the only open seat, next to Park. Park doesn’t know what to think of her, with her odd clothes and her huge, red hair. This story takes place in 1986, a time of tapes and comics.

   Eleanor has a big family, and a little house. Richie, her stepdad, kicked her out for an entire year, and she was left alone at a neighbor’s house. Her stepdad is constantly drinking and abusive, so Eleanor’s siblings and her live in fear. He doesn’t appreciate anything Eleanor’s mom ever does for the family, but they have no where else to go.  The people at school are constantly rude to Eleanor left and right. She even is getting rude notes on all of her school books. When Park and Eleanor start “dating”, she can’t go an hour without thinking of Park. Park becomes Eleanor’s sunshine,  he brightens up her life.

   Park has a normal house and family. His dad is a war veteran, and his mom is a hairdresser. The first time he saw Eleanor, he knew there was just something about her. He quickly realizes how much he really does love her. Eleanor isn’t allowed to come over to Park’s house, so they sneak around Richie very often. Park’s family took a while excepting Eleanor, but they learned about her situation, and instantly offered up their house to her when she needed somewhere to go. When things get bad, Eleanor and Park go to Minnesota. Will this turn of events rip them apart, or will their love keep them together?

Description of book:

Author’s Website:

Author’s Blog on Eleanor & Park:

Book Review:

Book Trailer:

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Sepetys, Ruta. Between Shades of Gray, Penguin Group, 2011.

ISBN: 9780142420591

Between Shades of Gray

Written by: Ruta Sepetys

Reviewed by: Taylor Nguyen

Recommended Audience: High School

In 1941, 15-year-old, Lithuanian Lina receives the news that she has been accepted into the most well-known art schools in all of Europe. A daughter who has a beautiful mother, sweetest brother, and a professor father has the typical support her family gives. One night, Lina’s home is invaded by the Soviet officers (the NKVD) for a crime that they do not know; while her father is on his way back home. The NKVD gives them only a few minutes to pack their most precious belongings before they are deported to Siberian work camps. Lina’s mother breaks all of her valuable merchandise making her children question her why. The NKVD arrest Lina, her brother, and her mother, tearing their family apart. The three are stuffed into dirty cattle cars along with people who do not know why they are there and have had contact with her father. Lina’s romance with a captive 17-year-old, Andrius, slowly builds at this point. Lina starts to document events and messages through her drawings; hoping the drawings will reach her father or someone later in the future

As the novel progresses, the chances of surviving are even smaller and the reason for their presence at camps is revealed. Between Shades of Gray, is Lina’s story as she, her mother, and her brother fight to stay together and to survive. The group is separated into a new list to serve brutal labor, but then again in the Arctic Circle; they do not know why, except one. Most of the deaths were caused by diseases; some deaths were caused by suicide and some by working.The moral of the story is to never take anything for granted.


Vimeo Video:


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My Friend Leonard


Frey, James. My Friend Leonard. Penguin Group 2005

 ISBN: 1573223158

My Friend Leonard

Written by: James Frey

Reviewed by: Mazie Wilkerson

Recommended Audience:  High School – Young Adults

James, a young man in his early twenties, has just gotten out of jail after having an addiction to alcohol and other illegal substances. Since he had an addiction he had gone to a rehab before jail and then met a young woman, Lilly, struggling with the same issues as him. Also while being in rehab, he met an elder man named Leonard, a major mobster, who took him in as his own child. They immediately clicked, or at least they did in his eyes. Even though they were not allowed to stay in contact after leaving the treatment center, they did and no one was going to stop them. After getting out of rehab he entered jail for doing other illegal things. While in jail his love for Lilly stayed strong. After serving his time in prison, he drove to Chicago to go see Lilly in a group home she had been staying in. Everything took a turn for the worse. James went into a deep depression after the tragedy that has occurred with Lilly. He finally tried getting a job & even though it might not of been the best job, it was a beginning. Leonard didn’t want James any where near a bar, considering he was an alcoholic in the past. So instead Leonard got him a job transferring illegal drugs and drug money. While doing this job, James was making more money than he could of ever asked for. He had several girlfriends during his journey to getting back on his feet! Towards the end he  goes to several parties, quits the job that Leonard gave him, and figured out how to make it on his own and keep his head up.

My Own Recording:

Youtube video describing the book:

Description of book:

Publisher’s Website:

Description of the book and author:

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Fitzpatrick, Becca. Finale. 4th serie. New York: Simon & Schuster Books, 2012. 1-454. Print.



Written by: Becca Fitzpatrick

Reviewed by: Aniqa Abid

Recommended Audience: High School, Young Adult                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

        When Hank had died, Nora swore an oath to him that she would lead the Nephilim army and end the fallen angels- even Patch, once and for all. But she wouldn’t let this happen so she and Patch make a plan to convince everyone to believe they are no longer together and work things from the inside. She would convice the Nephilim that fighting the fallen angels is a bad idea and Patch would find out everything he can from the opposing side. Along the way, old enemies return, and new enemies are made and their plans go awry when Nora is put to the paces of her new role and meets a man named Dante, who will help prepare Nora for the soon-to-come war. As the war nearly arrives, Nora and Patch must decide whether to confront their differences and ignore them or let them destroy the love they had always destined for.

       I honestly thought this book was one of the best in the Hush, Hush series because it had more action and twists in it, in which one would think who to actually trust and who not to. It had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t stop finishing the book because I wanted to know so badly what would happen next. Finale was an enjoyable conclusion to the Hush, Hush series and Becca Fitzpatrick did a good job on concluding all their stories in this book. Also, in Finale, you’ll find out that everybody has their secrets, and some you wouldn’t expect from that will surprise you.

 About the Author:!about/c12xb                                                

 About the Book:,_Hush_(series)

 Youtube Video:                                                                                                                                    

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