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The Goddess Test


Carter, Aimee. The Goddess Test. 1st ed. 1. Harlequin Teen, 2011. Print.

The Goddess Test

Written By: Aimee Carter

Reviewed By: Paulina Masley

Recommended Audience: High School

            The Goddess Test is a romantic sci-fi novel with a modern twist on Greek mythology. It will have you wanting to throw the book across the room while not being able to set it down at the same time. The way Aimee Carter explains the emotions of the characters, it feels like you’re actually experiencing the tale yourself.  She combines modern society and ancient Greek mythology so well, it will have you reconsidering your beliefs on what is real or not. All the plot twists and emotion will have your heart racing and melting.

            The story starts out in Eden, Michigan where Kate and her mother, who has cancer, moved. Her mother’s last wish was to return to the place she once grew up. Unfortunately for Kate, she had to start a new life at a new school where she met some peculiar students. She befriended a nerdy, yet thoughtful, boy named James and unintentionally got on Ava’s , who is the school’s most popular, bad side. One night, when Ava was supposed to take her to a party, Ava was actually playing a cruel prank on Kate and took her out to the woods. Right as Ava was about to leave Kate in the middle of the woods, she fell into a stream, cracked her head open and proceeded to drown. As Kate pulled Ava’s lifeless body out of the stream, a handsome yet eerie man that lived nearby told her that he would bring her friend back to life if she agreed to live with him for 6 months. Kate always felt something was odd and supernatural about him, but something about him made her decide to stay and be put to the test.

Description of book:

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A Scandal in Bohemia

Doyle, Arthur Conan. “Adventure 1: “A Scandal in Bohemia”.” The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Lit2Go Edition. 1892. Web. <;. December 03, 2013.
ISBN: 1-59308-034-4

Year Published: 1892

Language: English

 Country of Origin: England

Genre: Mystery

Recommended Audience: Young Adults/ Teens

Keywords: 20th century literature, British literature, mystery, Sherlock Holmes, sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sherloch Holmes an story revoled about two friends work in many cases that had been abanden by polise try to solve the “Ultimate Myster” cases after cases. The two of them began their jorney when Wasten looking for a job to work for after he retier from the milatary force.  Once day, Wasten saw Holmes’ flier looking for an assistence

After Watson got marriage, it had drifted them away from each other. My “own complete happiness, and the home-centered interests which rise up around the man who first finds himself master of his own  establishment”. Once day, I returning home from journey to my patient when my way lead me to Backer street. Where Holmes’s house, whom the ” most perfect reason and observing machine” also, he is my best friend and a partner in many cases. As i stand infront of this door, i can imagin him under a pial of abook and cases, walking back and forth, back and forth. They I nock.

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Criss Cross

Criss Cross is a novel that is set place in the nineteen-seventies.  In the book the main characters are named Debbie, Hector ,Phil and Lenny.  The whole story is about how they listen to a radio show called ”criss cross” on Lenny’s dads truck radio. Most of the plot  describes how they are bored of their small town lives and how they want to do something to change it ,but they don’t how because they are only teenagers.

I wouldn’t suggest this book because the story line doesn’t have a good enough plot to follow.The plot is very slow and boring causing a lack of interest and an unpleasant book to read. The characters are realistic however because they show real teen emotion.  In my opinion don’t read this book  you may not like it.

Criss Cross

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Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York: Barnes and Noble Classics, 2003. Print.

ISBN-13: 987-1-59308-005-1


Written By: Mary Shelley

Reviewed By: Anhvu Nguyen

Recommended Audience: High School and College Students

                       Frankenstein is a dramatic and suspenseful novel. The plot consists of three different points of view. The story opens up with a captain writing letters to his sister explaining the introduction of the story. When he is writing his letters, it is in the present. However, his letters are a story of the past. The story then transitions into a new point of view. Victor Frankenstein is now telling the story to the Captain. With Victor’s story he reiterates a monster’s story. The author transitions back and forth with the three points of view throughout the story.

                       In the beginning of the story the Captain journeys around areas of the world. He then encounters Victor in the Arctic. When he sees Victor and his emaciated body, caused by the cold weather, he attempts to help him. After a few days of taking care of Victor and restoring his health, Victor tells him the dangers of pursuing the unknown. He begins to tell the Captain of his past. The story then transitions to Victor telling the story to the Captain. Victor explains how he pursued the unknown for knowledge. As a child he loved to learn and apply his sciences. He then grew up and wanted to create a creature of great stature and be proud of his creation. This is when pursuing the unknown became dangerous for Victor. He dedicated all of his time to this project. He neglected the letters that his relatives sent him. In addition he scavenged for body parts. He became obsessed with this pursuit and it grew out of control.

                      Victor had realized that he bestowed birth upon a “hideous fiend”. Ardently he abandoned the monster and fled the city. He attempted to forget all he had done the past years and returned to his family six months after his creation. Upon returning to his family, they asked him where he had been and what he was doing. He evaded answering their questions and soon discovered that his little brother William had been murdered. He discovered it was the monster that he created who was the murderer. His friend Justine had been accused and condemned as the murderer. Victor later confronts the monster and the monster tells a story about how he felt alone and abandoned. Victor disowns him and in return the monster swears to murder his loved ones. The story then transitions back to the present with the Captain and Victor and Victor is pursuing the monster.

About the Book

About the Author

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American Born Chinese

American Born Chinese

Novgorodoff. American Born Chinese. N.d. American Born Chinese, New York .Geng Luen Yang . Web. 19 Dec. 2013.

ISBN: 978-0-312-38448-7

American Born Chinese 

Written by: Gene Luen Yang

Reviewed by: Thaotho Nguyen

Recommended Age Group: 10 and above

The story American Born Chinese is a graphic novel written by Gene Luen Yang, is novel consist of three stories: Monkey King, New Kid In Town, and My Chinese Cousin. All three stories has different problems, different story lines,and different time periods, but all three stories had one thing in common, they all have Chinese characters that are facing problem because of their ethnicity or where they came from.

The book starts off with the story The Monkey King. The Monkey King is an adventure story; it talks about an angry monkey king that didn’t get to enter the Royal Party. He got angry and did something horrible and was punished for it. What did he do? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. Then, the novel jumps to the story New Kid In Town. This story talks about Jing Jang, a new boy in town. Jing used to live in Chinatown, north of San Francisco, Jing and his family moved to a new town where Jing is the only Chinese boy. He’s being picked on and teased because he’s Chinese. Will Jing over come this obstacle? Lastly, the book shows a more modern society, this society is when racism is very little. The story talks about Danny. Danny is a teenager who just got himself a little girlfriend, but something tragic happen, his cousin Chin-Kee has visted from China. Danny is embarrassed to have Chin-Kee as a cousin and Danny doesn’t want his American girlfriend to find out about his cousin. Will Danny do what is right? Or will he just ignore Chin-Kee ?


About Author:

A movie trailer about the story Monkey King.

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Lock and Key

Dessen, Sarah. Lock and Key. New York: Penguin Group, 2008. Print.

ISBN: 9780142414729

Lock and Key

Written by: Sarah Dessen

Reviewed by: Aisha Malek

Recommended age group: High School

Lock and Key is a fantastic book written by Sarah Dessen. Ruby and her mother moved around a lot and their lives were very unpredictable. It is not unusual for ruby when her mom to disappear for a few days time,but she knows something is different when her mom doesn’t come back for months, leaving ruby to live on her own. She tries to forget the fact that she is underage and she is living by herself, eventually her landlords find out. The state sends Ruby to live wit her older sister Cora. Ruby and Cora haven’t seen each other for years ever since Cora left for college. Cora worked really hard to get scholarships and raise money to go to a college and escape her mother. Ruby thought that her sister had abandoned her.

After finishing college Cora had built a life for herself: a successful career, a big house, and a great husband. She is living the American dream. Ruby has never lived a life close to that, and she certainly doesn’t want to start now. Being tied down like that and being a burden on her older sister who doesn’t want her. Somehow, even though she keeps trying to escape, she ends up going to a fancy private school, staying with her sister, finding a job, and making new friends.

Authors Website:

YouTube Video:

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The Ruins of Gorlan (The Rangers Apprentice, Book 1)

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Sepetys, Ruta. Between Shades of Gray, Penguin Group, 2011.

ISBN: 9780142420591

Between Shades of Gray

Written by: Ruta Sepetys

Reviewed by: Taylor Nguyen

Recommended Audience: High School

In 1941, 15-year-old, Lithuanian Lina receives the news that she has been accepted into the most well-known art schools in all of Europe. A daughter who has a beautiful mother, sweetest brother, and a professor father has the typical support her family gives. One night, Lina’s home is invaded by the Soviet officers (the NKVD) for a crime that they do not know; while her father is on his way back home. The NKVD gives them only a few minutes to pack their most precious belongings before they are deported to Siberian work camps. Lina’s mother breaks all of her valuable merchandise making her children question her why. The NKVD arrest Lina, her brother, and her mother, tearing their family apart. The three are stuffed into dirty cattle cars along with people who do not know why they are there and have had contact with her father. Lina’s romance with a captive 17-year-old, Andrius, slowly builds at this point. Lina starts to document events and messages through her drawings; hoping the drawings will reach her father or someone later in the future

As the novel progresses, the chances of surviving are even smaller and the reason for their presence at camps is revealed. Between Shades of Gray, is Lina’s story as she, her mother, and her brother fight to stay together and to survive. The group is separated into a new list to serve brutal labor, but then again in the Arctic Circle; they do not know why, except one. Most of the deaths were caused by diseases; some deaths were caused by suicide and some by working.The moral of the story is to never take anything for granted.


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Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

Evans, Richard. Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25. New York : Simon Pulse/Mercury Ink, 2011. Print.
ISBN: 9781451656503

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25
Written by: Richard Paul Evans
Reviewed by: Richard Montes
Recommended audiences: 8th-12th grade

          This book follows the adventures of a high school teenager named Michael Vey. Michael goes to a high school in Idaho. He goes to school just like any other kid; except he is usually unnoticed, and gets bullied a lot. Michael’s best friend is named Ostin. Ostin is incredibly smart and loves to go to school; and he loves to eat. Ostin and Michael are all that each other have; they even get beat up together. However, this soon changes when Michael meets Taylor Ridley, the prettiest girl in school. They sat next to each other in Biology class. Michael notices something unique about Taylor, but little did he know that she would have a very similar ability to his own.

          Michael has Tourette’s syndrome, which causes him to blink uncontrollably in uncomfortable or nervous situations. But there’s something special about Michael. Ever since he was born, he had the ability to shock people. For this to happen, he would have to either be directly touching them, or have the victim touch a metal object at the same time as Michael. Either way, he was able to, and if he really wanted to, he could hurt people greatly.

          One day in biology class, Michael noticed something about Taylor. When Mr. Poulsen, their teacher, was about to punish Taylor, he seemed to just have forgotten what he was doing. Michael knew that Taylor did something. When they finally talked about it, they realized just how similar they were. Taylor had seen a display of Michael’s shock before; he was being bullied when all of a sudden the bullies just fell over in excruciating pain. Taylor just ran away, and Michael was scared to see what would happen. However, soon enough he found out Taylor’s power. She had the ability to reboot a person by scrambling the electrical signals in their brain, causing them to forget what they had been doing just a second ago. She also could read their minds if direct contact was made. But both of them had special powers, and both included the power of electricity. They soon begin to realize that someone or something is hunting them down. With the help of Ostin, the three of them create a club called the Electroclan. The clan is trying to discover why Michael and Taylor have these powers, but would something stop them before they find the answer?

Author’s Website:

Description of Book:

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No Safety in Numbers

no safety in numbers cover
Lorentz, Dayna. No Safety in Numbers. 1. 1. New York: Penguin Group, 2012. 1-263. Print.
ISBN: 978-0-8037-3873-7
No Safety in Numbers
Written by: Dayna Lorentz
Reviewed by: Brandon Burtis
Recommended Audience: High School
     The story starts with our narrator, Marco.  Marco is the main narrator and he is the only one in the story who has a job. Lexi is the 14 year old female narrator who was just forced to be enrolled into private school. Lexi is also a very computer friendly person. Ryan is the new kid on the football team whose main goal is to fit in with everyone but he is finding it difficult because of their rude and obnoxious behavior. Shaila (Shay) is a big fan of poetry and now has the responsibility of caring for her sister and her diabetic grandma.

     The story starts with Marco running from some jocks in the mall. To get away from them, he runs into a room and hides. In this room, he spots a strange looking device and calls for help. When they find out it is a biological bomb, the government decides to quarantine the mall along with everyone in it. Marco soon runs into Shay and the story starts off here. We soon find out that this problem isn’t going away. The people begin to get sick and the food supplies start to run very low. About 100 pages into the book people within the mall begin to riot. And the story goes from there.

     This story was obviously made just to get you interested in the upcoming books. This became obvious to me when people just started to riot at 100 pages is and the book is only 263 pages long. This story was a very good and read and I definitely recommend it to a friend who likes to read.
Author’s website:
Publisher’s website:
Description of book on Goodreads:
Book trailer on YouTube:

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