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The Goddess Test


Carter, Aimee. The Goddess Test. 1st ed. 1. Harlequin Teen, 2011. Print.

The Goddess Test

Written By: Aimee Carter

Reviewed By: Paulina Masley

Recommended Audience: High School

            The Goddess Test is a romantic sci-fi novel with a modern twist on Greek mythology. It will have you wanting to throw the book across the room while not being able to set it down at the same time. The way Aimee Carter explains the emotions of the characters, it feels like you’re actually experiencing the tale yourself.  She combines modern society and ancient Greek mythology so well, it will have you reconsidering your beliefs on what is real or not. All the plot twists and emotion will have your heart racing and melting.

            The story starts out in Eden, Michigan where Kate and her mother, who has cancer, moved. Her mother’s last wish was to return to the place she once grew up. Unfortunately for Kate, she had to start a new life at a new school where she met some peculiar students. She befriended a nerdy, yet thoughtful, boy named James and unintentionally got on Ava’s , who is the school’s most popular, bad side. One night, when Ava was supposed to take her to a party, Ava was actually playing a cruel prank on Kate and took her out to the woods. Right as Ava was about to leave Kate in the middle of the woods, she fell into a stream, cracked her head open and proceeded to drown. As Kate pulled Ava’s lifeless body out of the stream, a handsome yet eerie man that lived nearby told her that he would bring her friend back to life if she agreed to live with him for 6 months. Kate always felt something was odd and supernatural about him, but something about him made her decide to stay and be put to the test.

Description of book:

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A Scandal in Bohemia

Doyle, Arthur Conan. “Adventure 1: “A Scandal in Bohemia”.” The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Lit2Go Edition. 1892. Web. <;. December 03, 2013.
ISBN: 1-59308-034-4

Year Published: 1892

Language: English

 Country of Origin: England

Genre: Mystery

Recommended Audience: Young Adults/ Teens

Keywords: 20th century literature, British literature, mystery, Sherlock Holmes, sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sherloch Holmes an story revoled about two friends work in many cases that had been abanden by polise try to solve the “Ultimate Myster” cases after cases. The two of them began their jorney when Wasten looking for a job to work for after he retier from the milatary force.  Once day, Wasten saw Holmes’ flier looking for an assistence

After Watson got marriage, it had drifted them away from each other. My “own complete happiness, and the home-centered interests which rise up around the man who first finds himself master of his own  establishment”. Once day, I returning home from journey to my patient when my way lead me to Backer street. Where Holmes’s house, whom the ” most perfect reason and observing machine” also, he is my best friend and a partner in many cases. As i stand infront of this door, i can imagin him under a pial of abook and cases, walking back and forth, back and forth. They I nock.

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Maximum Ride: The Angel Expirement

Patterson, James, and Abigail Blackman. Maximum Ride. New York: Yen, 2009. Print.

ISBN: 9780316155564

Author: James Patterson

Reviewed by: Jordan Wilson

Recommended age group: 12-16 yrs. old

    Maximum Ride: The Angel Expirement is a story about six young kids, told from first-person by Max, who live on their own. But they are not at all like normal kids. These six seemingly average kids have wings that were created by scientists at The School. The scientists treated them like a group of lab rats and had them caged. One of the scientists, Jeb, saw how cruel they had been and escaped with all six of them, but later leaves them unexpectedly. Max age 14 is the oldest and takes lead, Fang also 14 is a ver emo like character that keeps to himself, Iggy 14 too is blind and very sarcastic. Nudge 11 years old is very optimistic and perky, while Gasman eight years old is a very humorous and mischievous character, and Angel, the youngest, is only six years old  is powerful and also Gasman’s sister.

For four years the six of them live peacefully alone and safe, until the Flock is ambushed at home by strong, horrible half wolf and half man creatures. They are all in bad shape and discover that Angel is missing and taken to the School in California. Max decides that she, Nudge, and Fang will go to save Angel, while Gasman and Iggy stay home. On the way Max decides to help a girl in need and is injured for a few days. When she returns with the group she finds that Gasman and Iggy were attacked and had to escape from the claws of the Erasers. They all continue on to the School. Max, Fang, and Nudge all purposely get captured. They discover Jeb is alive and he tells Max that she was created to save the world and she has been tested her whole life. Still hurt and confused, she decides to not trust him. The scientists plan to transport Max, Fang, Nudge, and Angel in their cages, they escape their cages and get backup from Gasman and Iggy.

They manage to get free of the Erasers and scientists and begin their journey to New York. Max had heard scientists talking about the Institute in New York which had information on their past and they all make their flight across the country. The Flock makes it safely except Max has a chronic migraine that causes extreme pain and begins to hear voices in her head while in New York. With much difficulty they discover the Institute by going through a series of underground pass and sewer. They also discover a whole zoo of cages filled with kids who have been genetically  modified. Seeing them reminds them of themselves and they work to help them all escape safely. The Flock get info on their past before they interrupted a group of Erasers and Jeb.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment is an imaginative story about a group of kids who share the same special trait. The author provides insight on the struggle of leading a group of homeless kids by having first-person point of view. This hidden world of merciless scientists and mutated children is very intriguing. Readers can feel the same emotions as Max describes the arduous experiences she endures and get great insight of this hidden world.

Publishers Website


Video Review

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The Hobbit

the-hobbit.jpg (423×657)

Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1966. Print.

ISBN-13: 978-0-618-26030-0

                            In the book The Hobbit there lives a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who lives in a hole in a quiet neighborhood where he is respected. The hobbits are stout people who are about half the size of humans. Bilbo Baggins is known to be predictable around his neighborhood, which is what makes him respectable by his neighbors, but one day a wizard named Gandalf  comes through his neighborhood one morning while Bilbo is sitting on his porch. Gandalf asks Bilbo if he would like to go on adventure but he refuses. The next day 13 dwarves and Gandalf unexpectedly arrives at his hole he calls home and stays for dinner. They spend the night and leave early in the morning. Bilbo is surprised to see they have left so early and his curiosity gets the best of him as he chases after the group in hope of joining them on their adventure to capture the treasure guarded by the dragon Smaug.

                           Bilbo has never been on an adventure. He learns much about his abilities and bravery as his adventure goes on. On his adventure he finds a sword that suitable to his small size,  which he uses to fight monsters such as trolls and giant spiders. He brings peace between 2 groups of people who have disliked each other for years and helps the dwarves and himself not get eaten by hungry trolls. The Hobbit is a great book about adventure and unlikely friendships.

Written By: J.R.R Tolkien

Reviewed By: Tyler Lee

Recommended Audience: High School

Publisher Website

The Hobbit Movie  Trailer

J.R.R Tolkien Biography

The Hobbit book info

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Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York: Barnes and Noble Classics, 2003. Print.

ISBN-13: 987-1-59308-005-1


Written By: Mary Shelley

Reviewed By: Anhvu Nguyen

Recommended Audience: High School and College Students

                       Frankenstein is a dramatic and suspenseful novel. The plot consists of three different points of view. The story opens up with a captain writing letters to his sister explaining the introduction of the story. When he is writing his letters, it is in the present. However, his letters are a story of the past. The story then transitions into a new point of view. Victor Frankenstein is now telling the story to the Captain. With Victor’s story he reiterates a monster’s story. The author transitions back and forth with the three points of view throughout the story.

                       In the beginning of the story the Captain journeys around areas of the world. He then encounters Victor in the Arctic. When he sees Victor and his emaciated body, caused by the cold weather, he attempts to help him. After a few days of taking care of Victor and restoring his health, Victor tells him the dangers of pursuing the unknown. He begins to tell the Captain of his past. The story then transitions to Victor telling the story to the Captain. Victor explains how he pursued the unknown for knowledge. As a child he loved to learn and apply his sciences. He then grew up and wanted to create a creature of great stature and be proud of his creation. This is when pursuing the unknown became dangerous for Victor. He dedicated all of his time to this project. He neglected the letters that his relatives sent him. In addition he scavenged for body parts. He became obsessed with this pursuit and it grew out of control.

                      Victor had realized that he bestowed birth upon a “hideous fiend”. Ardently he abandoned the monster and fled the city. He attempted to forget all he had done the past years and returned to his family six months after his creation. Upon returning to his family, they asked him where he had been and what he was doing. He evaded answering their questions and soon discovered that his little brother William had been murdered. He discovered it was the monster that he created who was the murderer. His friend Justine had been accused and condemned as the murderer. Victor later confronts the monster and the monster tells a story about how he felt alone and abandoned. Victor disowns him and in return the monster swears to murder his loved ones. The story then transitions back to the present with the Captain and Victor and Victor is pursuing the monster.

About the Book

About the Author

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Tigers Curse

Tiger’s Curse  tigerscurse

Colleen Houck,Tiger’s Curse ,New York: splinter publisher , c2011

ISBN: 1-40278403-1

       Author: Colleen Houck 

Reviewed by: Calvin Lai

Recommended Audience: middle schoolers, and high schoolers

          This book is about a girl from Oregon and she lives with her foster parents, because her parents pasted away. She and a white tiger meet at the circus she works at. Then a guy comes to the circus to buy the tiger from the circus. After that she is sent with the tiger to India to let the tiger lose in a reserved area.

         In the beginning Kelsey signs up for a job in the circus. she is to go there to work as a ticket seller and to help feed the tiger. She tells her foster parents about this and Mike her foster dad asked if she need a ride there. Then the next day she goes there and looks for Mr. Maurizio at the circus. When she found Mr. Maurizio he tells her to help out Matt with selling tickets and help out Mr. Davis with feeding the tiger.

           Later on Kelsey is asked to come with Mr. Kadam and Dhiren (white tiger) to go to the a reserved area for Ren. When she agrees with the request Kelsey’s foster parents decides  throws her a leaving party. The next day Kelsey is driven to the airport by Mr. Kadam. Then they board a private airplane and go to there seat and then a flight attendant askes them if they want anything to drink or eat. Later Kelsey goes into the bathroom and sees that it is a very fancy bathroom with a standing shower and a dispensing soap machine. Once she was done showering she sat down in her chair and saw that there was lunch set up in front of her. When the flight attendant opens the cover she sees that it is crusted hazelnut halibut with buttered asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes

Tiger’s Curse – Tiger’s Curse Wiki

Books – Tiger’s Curse

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

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The Uglies


Westfield, Scott. “Amazon Prime Free Trial.” Uglies (The Uglies): Scott Westerfeld: 9781442419810: Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Dec. 2013.

The Uglies

Writen by: Scott Westerfeld

Reviewed by: PhuongAnh Le

Recommended for: High School

Have you ever wondered whats it like being pretty? How life would be different if you were pretty? In tally youngblood’s world everyone is ugly, till they turned sixteen. When you turn sixteen, your whole life changes. The pretties live in a new pretty city while the uglies live in ugly dorms. At the moment tally is only fifteen. She has been waiting all her life to turn sixteen and pretty.  Peris was her best friend but peris already turned sixteen and pretty.

Tally misses her best friend peris, and decides to bust into the new pretty city which uglies are not allowed in. she tries to find peris but it doesnt work out and meets a new ugly girl name shay. Shay and tally have an instant connection. they started hanging out a lot and shay becomes tally’s new best friend. As tally and shay hang out, shay tells tally that she doesn’t want to become pretty cause it changes your personality and she doesn’t want that that to happen to her.

whats gonna happen to tally and shay? Will tally finally get to be pretty and see peris again? tally goes through difficult choices as her sixteen birthday comes closer and closer.


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The Ruins of Gorlan (The Rangers Apprentice, Book 1)

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Angels and Demons

Dan. Angels and Demons. NY: Pocket Books, 2000. Print.

ISBN: 9780743501569

Angels & Demons

Written By: Dan Brown

Reviewed By: Morgan Parker

Recommended Audience: High school and above

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown is a great book that follows the protagonist, Robert Langdon, on his adventure to solve a mystery. This book is fiction and did not happen, although there are many pieces of this book that are entirely true. This book also follows the antagonist, a murderer through all of his dealings and agreements with people. Robert Langdon is a Professor of Religious Iconology and Symbology at Harvard University. So basically he studies ancient symbols. One day he gets a call regarding a murder at a CERN, a european organization for nuclear research. Physicist Leonardo Vetra was murdered, who was one of CERN’s best researchers. When Langdon gets to CERN headquarters in switzerland, they find Leonardo Vetra’s dead body, branded with the illuminati symbol.

For the remainder of the book, we follow Langdon on his adventure to find a new substance called anti-matter that Leonardo and his daughter had been busy creating. this had never been done before and this stuff was highly reactive. when Leonardo was killed, whoever killed him, stole a canister of anti-matter as well. Langdon believes that the illuminati had taken it to Vatican City, because the illuminati’s biggest enemy is the Catholic Church. So Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, Leonardo’s daughter, go to Rome, Italy to Vatican City to find the anti-matter. on his adventure, his skills are tested to uncover the true mystery of the illuminati.

Author’s Website:

Book Review (video):

Book Review:

Movie Trailer:

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Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades


Riordan, Rick. Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades. 4. Hyperion-Disney Books, 2013. 1072. eBook. ISBN: 978-0-141-33921-4

Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades

Written By: Rick Riordan

Reviewed By: Thomas Nguyen

Recommended Audience: Teenage Students

This is the 4th book of the Heroes of Olympus series. This first takes place in a specific part of the Underworld, Tartarus. Two teenagers named Annabeth and Percy were both sucked/dropped into this world. They have to try to find their way out of the world and to stop the Doors of Death. That is their main quest along with 6 other demigods and 1 satyr. These demigods are Hazel, daughter of Hades, Frank, son of Mars and descendant of Poseidon, Leo, son of Hephaestus, Jason, son of Jupiter, Nico, son of Hades, and Piper, daughter of Aphrodite. There are both Roman and Greeks names because there are two different camp of two different family lineage. There is Camp Half-Blood, which was the first to be brought up and found, and there is Camp Jupiter, which was brought up in the Heroes of Olympus series in the second book, Son of Neptune. Anyways, there is also the satyr named Coach Hedge.  These other 7 friends are on a ship named after the Argo. This is named the Argo II mainly because the captain of the ship (Leo) is the bestfriend of Jason Grace. On the ship’s journey to the mortal side of the Doors of Death, they run into A LOT of trouble. Monsters,  demons, even some minor gods. Luckily they all solved this and got through the journey safe and sound.

On the demigod side of the world, Annabeth and Percy are just barely managing through Tartarus. On their way to the Doors of Death, they found a old friend named Bob. ( real name is Iapetus but he got his memory washed away by the River of Lethe.) He had heard Percy cry out when he and Annabeth were in trouble. Oh, Bob’s job is being the janitor of the Underworld. Still very deadly with a broom. They journey through here with many chances of dying except for Bob, him being immortal and all.

This is a very comical book, alongside with a lot of action and scenes you can picture. Nothing in here is gore but it is vivid. I really encourage young readers, like myself, to read this. Actually, I recommend that whoever decides to read this to read the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, and The Heroes of Olympus because these are all based of mythological beings, made up but inspiring character, and just plain, fun action. These series’ all show teamwork, courage, and the loyalty to never let a friend down. This shows a great sense of togetherness and suspense of what is to come around the corner. This book will definitely expands one’s mind, thoughts, and wisdom.

Description of book:

Publisher’s Website: NA

Description of book and author:

Youtube Video describing the book:

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