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The Things They Carried


O’ Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried. 1st. 1st.
New York: Houghton,Mifflin Press, 1990. 1-273.
ISBN: 9780618706419

 The Things They Carried

Written By: Tim O’Brien

Reviewed By: Hussein Imreish

Recommended Audience: High School

      The outside reading book I chose to review was, The Things They Carried.The Things They Carried, in my opinion was a fascinating book. It was about the Vietnam War.The book is written as a narrative in which the author shares the stories with his granddaughter back home. The book contained many war stories. Each story shared a unique message. All the stories originated from his friends and colleagues in his squadron. As well as strange or unusual events .

  Some of these stories were very descriptive. This allowed the audience to fully understand what the Vietnam War was really about. The Vietnam War was all about harsh living conditions,ambushes,and traps. The Vietnam war involved so many different situations.

  One of my favorite stories was when one of his colleagues from his squadron told him about how when he was stationed in a medic station one of the other medics brought his long time girlfriend to Vietnam to stay with him. The story describes how war can change an individual. After the war the young lady was transformed from a cute,clean,happy girl into a tough,unhygenic,serious girl in just a matter of two months. If I could rate this book I would give it a five star rating. I would like to give this book a high rating because it has a lot of action and suspense.

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