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UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale

Hahn, Chanda. UnEnchanted, An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Fantasy

Chanda HahnPublishing 2011

ISBN: 1475070306

UnEnchanted, An Unfortunate Fairy Tale

Written by: Chanda Hahn

Reviewed by: Angela Bowen

Recommended Audience: High School

Mina is just like any other high school girl.  Her family is not very wealthy though.  Sara, her single mother, has to work three different jobs to support her 2 children.  Mina’s brother, Charlie, has never talked before.  When Sara was pregnant with Charlie, Mina father unfortunately died.  The doctors said that they think when Sara was going through all the stress of her husband’s sudden passing, Charlie somehow felt her stress from in the wound.  The doctors don’t know for sure but that was their guess.  Nan is Mina’s best friend.  Nan is that girl that you see that never puts down her phone.

The book starts out with Mina and Nan heading to Babushka’s Bakery where Mina sees her long time crush.  Brody Carmicheal.  Mina is very shy so she has never gotten the courage to talk to him.  During the field trip, all the students were on a catwalk.  One thing led to another and both Brody and Mina are hanging off of the catwalk.  Nan carefully pulled them up and in order to save her best friend, Nan accidentally throws her phone off the catwalk.  This shows how important Mina is to Nan.   Mina didn’t like the attention she was getting from saving Brody’s life.  The next day, her school has an assembly about her and how she saved Brody.  After school she dropped off a package at the  Carmicheal’s house.  She parked her bike in the middle of the driveway where Brody ran it over.   Mina was so embarrassed that she ran.  When she got home her mom was packed and ready to move but Mina refused and wanted an answer why everytime something huge happens  to her.  Sara told her that they have a family curse that came from Mina’s dad’s side.  The curse is fairy tales.  Her father survived 20 tales before his death and it was time for Mina to survive all of the them to stop the curse.  In the morning, Mina started to walk t school when all of the sudden a car pulled up to her and called her name.  To her astonishment it was Broby was in the car.  She got in and he apologized for what had happened.

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