The Last Song


Sparks, Nicholas. The Last Song. 1st ed. New York and Boston: Grand Central Publishing, 2009. 1-413. Print.

Written by: Nicholas sparks

Reviewed by: Madi Haney

Recommended audiences: High School

14 year old Veronica, or “Ronnie” has the perfect life. She is an amazing student, pianist, and the perfect daughter. Yet her life takes a turn when her parents divorce. Ronnie stays with her little brother and mom in busy New York City, while her dad moves to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

3 years later, now 17 years old. Ronnie has completely isolated herself from her parents, brother, and old friends and has replaced them with partying, stealing, and not the best people. She has also given up her talent for piano. Ronnie has changed they way she looks and acts, so her mom decides it’s a good idea for her and her brother to get away for the summer. She sends them down to their fathers. Ronnie’s attitude was negative from the beginning. But soon Ronnie meets Will, and slowly feels herself falling for him. During this time she is finally rebuilding her relationship with her father. But, Summer was coming to an end and her dad told her what was going wrong with his health. Although she finds love, she has pain on her way, and she finally realizes how important family is.

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