Where the Red Fern Grows


Rawls, Wilson. Where the Red Fern Grows. London, Toronto, Auckland, Sydney, New York: The Curtis Publishing Company, 1961.

ISBN 0-553-27429-5

Where the Red Fern Grows

Written byWilson Rawls

Reviewed by: An Vu

Recommended Audience: Middle School

Billy Coleman, a main character in Where the Red Fern Grows who works really hard for two years to save money to buy two coon dogs. He named his dogs Little Ann for the female and Old Dan for the male. Little Ann has the brains, Old Dan has the brawn. Listening to his grandfather’s stories about the behaviors of the coons how to train dogs to hunt .On their first hunt in the river bottoms, the dogs beg for help occasionally. Then Old Dan finds the raccoon scent and heads off with Little Ann at his side. The raccoon pulls a simple trick by swimming across the river. Two hours later the dogs have treed their first coon in the tallest sycamore tree in the bottoms. Finally after many hour of chopping the tree, the sycamore falls, and the hounds race off to find and kill the coon. After many hunting with his dogs, Billy is able to communicate with his dogs in someway even though they are animals. Billy and his dogs soon become the best hunting team in the valley.

They compete with many others teams. Hunt down a mysterious raccoon that no one has catch before. They signed up for the biggest competition. Old Dan and Little Ann lead Billy to his proudest moment when they win the gold cup in the hunting contest, but the happiness of Billy’s victory is quickly fade away. Old Dan dies in the claws of a savage bobcat, and Little Ann succumbs to grief for her companion. To remember his beloved dogs, Billy digs the graves himself and buries them among the red ferns.

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