Dangerous Angels


Block, Francesca Lia. Dangerous Angles. 1-2. New York: HarperCollins Publishers , 1989. 3-154. Print.

ISBN: 9780062007407

Written By: Francesca Lia Block

Reviewed By: Amenda Hong

Recommended Audience: High School

        Dangerous Angels is a collection of five books: Weetzie Bat, Witch Baby, Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys, Missing Angel Juan, and Baby Be-Bop. InWeetzie Bat, Weetzie Bat is introduced as a young lady in high school. To Dirk, the best-looking guy at school, Weetzie stood out. In Dirk’s eyes Weetzie “was a skinny girl with a bleach-blonde flat-top. Under the pink Harlequin sunglasses, strawberry lipstick, earring dangling charms, and suger-frosted eye shawdow she was really almost beautiful.” I personally like how modern the author made the characters dressed. Her description of each character she introduces is very detailed. I can imagine every character she introduces with ease. My favorite part of the novel is when Dirk and Weetzie meet, because it is the start of a new long-lasting friendship. The author also did a wonderful job with mixing magic and reality together, making me enjoy the book even more!

In Witch Baby, someone has left a baby on Weetzie’s and Dirk’s doorstep. Later in the novel, it turned out to be Weetzies lover’s baby. While he was out for some time thinking what to do, he had done things that he regretted with a Witch. With warm welcoming hands Weetzie accepted the baby with her daughter Cherokee. The baby had “wild, dark hair and purple eyes and looked at the world in a special way.” The family called her Witch Baby, and raised her as if she was theirs. As time went by, Witch Baby knew she couldn’t fit in if she tried. She never felt as though she truly belonged.  One day she packed her bat-shaped backpack, put her black cowboy-boot roller skates, and went out into the real world to find out who she really was.

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