Chosen, A House Of Night Novel

Cast, Kristin. Chosen A House of Night Novel. 1st ed.

New York: ST. Martin Cast, 2008. 307. Print.

ISBN: 9780312360306

Chosen, A House of Night Novel

Written By: Kristin Cast

Reviewed By: Cora Barras

Recommended audience: Teenagers and Up

In the book Chosen, A House of Night Novel  written by Kristin Cast, a young girl named Zoey Redbird has been marked by a vampire goddess.  The book starts off with Zoey as a fledgling, or someone who has been bit but has not completed the transformation into an adult vampire.  In the book humans greatly despise vampires although vampires have nothing against humans.  Because of the relationship between humans, vampires along with fledglings live in secret dorms.  In the dorms full grown vampires teach fledglings about vampire history and the futures they will obtain while being a vampire.  Throughout the story Zoey Redbird has to deal with many problems including her three boyfriends she is trying to juggle, the fact that she has an affinity for five elements, and that her dead best friend didn’t actually die but turned into a monstrous vampire and cannot be controlled.

Throughout most of the story Zoey Redbird is in a relationship with three people at the same time.  She must choose between her human boyfriend Seth that she has known since second grade, her boyfriend Eric who is a fledgling as well in the House of Night, and also the adult vampire Lauron Blake who is a teacher at her school.  She knows she has to make a decision, and fast, but she does not want to let any of them go.  Zoey was gifted with an affinity for five of the elements which was given to her by the goddess Nyx.  Because of her affinity she is the leader of a group at her school, called the dark daughters, and she has to perform rituals in front of other classmates. Along with all of the other stress Zoey has in her life, she also has to deal with her best friend Stevie Rae who died and came back to life wanting to hunt humans and kill everyone in her path.

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