The Fighting Ground

Avi. The Fighting Ground. New York: Lippincott, 1984. Print.
The Fighting Ground
Written by: Avi
Reviewed by: Monica Baca-Chavez
Recommended Audience: High School
     This story takes place over 24 hours. Jonathan always dreamed of being a soldier, but his father wouldn’t let him. Jonathan was only thirteen, when he went to battle on April 3,  1778, without his father knowing. It was the Civil War, a battle against neighbors. In the afternoon he was captured by the German soldiers. The soldiers were his age and older. Although there is a language difference the soldiers and the captive experience similar emotions and needs. For example, when it started raining they all sought protection from a cedar tree. Through out the day he learns to be a soldier and learns what it means to be a soldier.
    Jonathan starts to understand his enemy and forgets to escape like a good soldier should. He goes back and forth with his alliance to himself as a soldier and befriending a fellow boy. In the end, Jonathan quickly becomes a man when he faces death, there are decisions to be made.

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