The Big Field

The Big Field

Lupica, Mike. The Big Field. 1st ed. New York City: Puffin, 2008. Print. 978-0-14-241910-6

The Big Field

Written by: Mike Lupica

Reviewed by: Trent Sievers

Recommended Audience: High School

Keith “Hutch” Hutchinson, the main character in the story, The Big Field by Mike Lupica, has been a baseball player for most of his life. He has always been a shortstop on every team he has played on, except this one. His American Legion baseball team is called the Cardinals. The team has a shortstop that is even better than Hutch is. Hutch has to play second base which feels a lot like a demotion to him. The shortstop is Darryl Williams, he is an amazing baseball player and is expected to be a professional. Hutch and Darryl are not friends during most of the story, they are rivals until the end.

Hutch has always been trying to live up to his father’s standards. His father, Carl Hutchinson, was a professional baseball player. His father ended up having to quit because he just wasn’t quite good enough to play professionally. This completely broke his heart and ruined his dream of being a pro. It even got to the point where he didn’t want to have to deal with baseball anymore so he stopped playing completely.

Hutch and his father have a difficult relationship because Hutch only wants his dad’s approval and for his dad to want to watch him play and help him improve. Hutch doesn’t know this but his father doesn’t want to get involved because he doesn’t want baseball to break his son just like it broke him. So he doesn’t go to most of Hutch’s games, the only ones that he went to were for the championship.

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