something borrowed


Griffin, Emily. Something Borrowed. 1st ed. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2004. 1-322. Print.

ISBN 10: 0-312-32119-8

Something Borrowed

Written by: Emily Giffin

Reviewed by: Elyse Toal

Recommended Audience: Middle School/ High School

        In the story “Something Borrowed”, Rachel is the main character and her best friend is Darcy. Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since they were in elementary school; they were so close that they called themselves sisters. Rachel is a few months older than Darcy, but Darcy had always been the luckier one: not having to have braces, tanning easier, pretty, extremely confident, outgoing and wealthier. Since they were that age they always dreamed of their 30th birthday as being amazing.  The significance of their 30th birthday would mean that they would celebrate it by going on a nice date together with their husbands, each being happily married with kids, and having amazing jobs.

        Rachel is a lawyer at a large New York firm. While attending law school she had become friends with another student named Dexter, Dex for short. Rachel had started falling in love with him, and although she was pretty, intuitive and very smart, she always felt as though she was inadequate. Dex was a very handsome, soft haired, charming, amazing kind of guy. One evening, Darcy joined them on a dinner that Rachel and Dex were having celebration. That night was probably Rachel’s worst mistake, because then on after Dex, the man of her dreams, started dating her best friend, Darcy.

        It’s now Rachel’s 30th birthday and she’s having a surprise party made for her, thrown by Darcy. By this time Dex and Darcy are engaged and Rachel is Darcy’s maid of honor.  Towards the end of the party Darcy is very drunk, and Dex decides to take her home. A little bit later Dex comes back because Darcy had forgotten her brand new clutch, but Dex’s friend Marcus convinces him to stay and so he calls Darcy who is okay with it. Around       2 am Rachel and Dex are the only ones left at the party. They decide that they should probably leave, but once they get in the cab they decide to go to another bar for one last drink.  They stay there until around 4 am, and by this time they figure that they need to go home.  They call a cab and tell them to make two stops, but as they are getting closer to Rachel’s apartment, Dex begins to kiss Rachel and she realizes she is kissing him back, and then Dex changes the plan to only make one stop – to Rachel’s place.  They end up spending the night in bed together.

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