Mockingjay Review


Collins, Suzanne. Mockingjay, The Final Book of The Hunger Games. Scholastic Publishing, 2009.
ISBN: 9780439023511

Mockingay, The Final Book of The Hunger Games

Written by: Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by: Katie Pond

Recommended Audience: Middle School- Adults


Mockingjay starts with Katniss visiting her old home, District 12. It is in ruins after the bombing, which is the Capitol’s doing. Katniss currently lives in District 13, an underground city which is a secret of Panem. She is still haunted by President Snow. In the previous book, Katniss was saved from the arena on a rescue mission, but Peeta was left in the Capitol, where he was imprisoned.

After much distraught, she assumes her new role as the leader of the rebels, the Mockingjay. The rebels were strengthening, and Peeta sent a warning to District 13 of bombings coming their way. This forced the Capitol to show Peeta being tortured. Katniss is horrified and sends a rescue mission for Peeta.

Peeta is almost too easily rescued from the Capitol, and Katniss is broken to find out why. Peeta has been “hijacked”, or brianwashed, to believe that Katniss is the enemy. He was tricked to loathe her, and tries to kill her at their reunion. This is Katniss’ worst nightmare.

Pained, Katniss decides to infiltrate the Capitol to get revenge and finally overthrow it. This turns into a suicide mission, as her teammates die through the revolution. During the battle, many people die, including someone very important to her.

In the end, Katniss is faced with many challenges and decisions – all of which will determine her fate. The Hunger Games becomes a part of her life she cannot forget.

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