Friday Night Lights

Bissinger, H.G. Friday Night Lights. 1st. United Sates: Da Capo Press, 2000. 14-313. Print.

Friday Night Lights: A Town, A team, And A Dream.
Written by: H.G. Bissinger
Reviewed by: Jimmy Madrid
Recommended audience: High School
In the book “Friday Night Lights” you will read about a high school teams struggles through a though season and the outcomes of what goes on. The setting of the story is a small town named Odessa, Texas. The main character to focus on is Boobie. Boobie is the Permian panthers main running back until a life changing injury. In this story Boobie faced a challenge that potentially ended his career playing football. During a scrimmage game Boobie has injured his left knee. His place is taken up by Brian Johnson. After a couple of week go by without him on the field, he returns but is not the same. Boobie is given the ball only a couple time in the next game and knows he isn’t the same. Now Chris has taken his spot and he doesn’t appreciate it.

Another problem Odessa faces is the problem of racism that is going on in town. In the years that passed Odessa people didn’t want colored people in town. In schools there wasn’t a high percentage of colored people. Not only does Racism focus on just blacks but towards Hispanics also. With this the city closed the school Ector High. For football the blacks were far more talented than whites. When the 1988 season came schools in Odessa had realized that no matter what race you should be able to play football without a problem.
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