A Walk To Remember

Sparks, Nicholas. A Walk To Remember . New York, NY: Warner Books, 1999. Print.
Written by: Nicholas Sparks
Reviewed by: Karley Duda
Recommended Audience: High School
     In the novel A Walk to Remember comes a romantic story by Nicholas Sparks about a boy, Landon Carter, and girl, Jamie Sullivan who didn’t think they would ever talk to eachother. Two people from opposite social worlds meet in a place neither of them could have imagined. Jamie Sullivan was a true christian at heart and never really cared what people thought about her. On the the other hand, Landon Carter was a trouble maker that had no real goal in his life and that he just took things for granted. This book is something you will not put down until you finish.
     Nicholas Sparks captures the teenage heart in this romance novel. Through this story we learn how much Jamie goes through in her life. Although she got a miracle Landon never believe she did. That course was not until Mr. Sullivan told Landon that he was her miracle and if it was not for him she would not of lived as long. I definitely would recommend this to teenagers in high school because although it was sad, I learned that no matter what your social group is go for what you want and do not let other people tell you otherwise.
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