The Pearl

Steinbeck, John. The Pearl. The Penguin Classics. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-14-018738-0

The Pearl

Written By: John Steinbeck

Reviewed By: John Dang

Recommended Audience: High School

In The Pearl, it shows us how greed could take over someone. In this story, Kino and his wife, Juana live happily with their son, Coyotito. That is until Coyotito gets bitten by a poisonous scorpion. After Kino realizes that he does not have enough money to pay the doctor for Coyotitos medications, he goes fishing for oysters. after scavenging  through many empty shells he comes across an unusual shell that lied the biggest pearl anyone have ever seen. That was when everything changed.

         After finding the pearl Kino became greedy. Leading him to encounter horrible events. Although Kino found the biggest pearl ever to be seen, it does not end well for his family.

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