Delirium novel.jpg

Oliver, Lauren. Delirium. New York,NY: Harper Collins, 2012. Print.

ISBN: 9780061726835


Written By: Lauren Oliver

Reviewed By: Linh Trinh

Recommended Audience: High School   

            Would you give up everything to be able to love? Lena, the main character of Delirium has to make the decision as she turns 18. Do you think Lena would give in to the governments’ decision or would she give up everything for love? In the young adult romance dystopian novel, Delirium, a cure for amor deliria nervosa (love) had been discovered and is mandatory for citizens 18 years old and over. On September 3rd, Lena will have to go through that “marvelous” procedure that will take away her ability to love forever.

If Lena determines that she does not have the desire to continue on with the “miraculous” procedure then she would have to face the severe measure of the government. Some people who do not take the procedure will be imprisoned and identified as an invalid. For example, Lena was one of them and when she tries to commit suicide, Lena has to suffer the pain of love all alone. As the book stated, invalids have been eliminated in the wild by bombs but some teens still believes that there are still some invalids that survive and are living in the wild. Will Lena get infected or will she be able to avoid from deliria until her procedure which will make her “happy forever”.

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Description of the book

Delirium Movie Trailer

Delirium Book Trailer


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