Try Not To Breathe



Hubard, Jennifer R. Try Not To Breathe . 327. New York: Penguin Group, 2012. Print. ISBN 978-1-101-56690-9

Book: Try Not To Breathe

Author: Jennifer R. Hubbard

Michael Ober

Recommended ages: ages 13-19 (teens).

Jennifer R Hubbard has written a piece most high school students probably feel they can connect to in Try Not To Breathe. Ryan Turner a young man who doesn’t exactly give off a normal vibe then again he doesn’t exactly live a normal life. Diagnosed with clinical depression after having Mono and being forced to drop baseball and track, and being treated like an outcast. One night before his high school career was half over he walks into his garage and stares at his mothers car sitting there. He wants to start it with himself inside. You can call his plan of suicide well thought out when he leaves a note, never read, in his pocket and a cloth in the crack in the door so fumes don’t leak into his home. The engines roar lasts a slim thirty seconds before he shuts it off himself to scared and not ready for what would happen. Drowning in thoughts for several moments in the driver seat of his moms car, keys still in ignition, the garage door opens, his father returns home from work to find his soon blankly starring into space while in the car. Withing twenty four hours Ryan Is in Patterson Mental Institute. Ryans exit from Patterson is where our story begins.

On Ryans return home he is not truly home. Their home is now two hours away in a house seemingly made entirely of glass. Alone, no friends, constant tention between family, ryan does not have anything. School has not even began it’s mid summer yet everyone in town knows who he is and what he has done. Our main character finds inner piece and tranquility at a waterfall near his house, sitting under it letting the water pound against him so loud he cannot even hear his own thoughts. All Ryan has thought about was a girl, Val, also a Patterson patient let out much before him, his heart is with her in what he believes to be true love. Once admiring her from a far was as close as they got but they soon grew to be quick friends, however once they were “set free” they are no more than a couple texts a day. His parents still treat him as a suicidal teen, something he knows he is not, making them almost blind to his life, Ryan feels like he can barely say two words to them, in Ryans mind he is completely alone. Until Nikki comes along.

In the trance of the waterfall, Ryans peace is interupted by his own naming being called to him. It’s a blonde girl, one named Nikki. Ryan is more than reluctant to be talking to her but she quickly makes her presence clear to Ryan, constantly talking to him and showing signs of affection. without a logical explanation, Ryan trusts her and lets Nikki through his thick exterier shell. She gets deeper and deeper by the day in his thoughts. Ryan never truly understood Nikki, since day one she has been asking him all sorts of questions about his suicide “attempt” and each question gets deeper and deeper with an answer that’s harder to say then the last, but he does not push her away. She wants the answers because she is trying to get to the bottom over her very own fathers suicide. It is only in the end of the story does Ryan find out not everything Nikki has been telling him has been valid about her fathers death. Knowing the truth Ryan must decide if he wants to moves past the lies with his new extremely close friend or go back to his old ways of being alone.


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