ISBN – 878-1-250-00632-5

Hocking, Amanda. torn. 1st edition1. New York: stmartins, 2010. 1-324. Print.

Written by: Amanda Hocking

Reveiwed by: Samantha Morris

Recomended Audience: 12-15 year old girls

Wendy is a princess and will soon rule a trylle, made of trolls and magical mysterical people.  However, the people are not fairy tale creatures their actually like humans, well with powers.  Some of them have more power than others, their queen is Elora who is very powerfull.  She has the power of persuasion and can make anyone do what she wants them to.  She can also paint pictures allowing her to see an image from the future.  Unlike her persaisan her painting is not voluntary, and until she paints the picture she can not think and has a major migrain.   Later on in the story I found out that when Elora uses her abilites it ages her and she grows very tired.  Princess Wendy is Elora’s daughter, and she is very powerful.  Wendy was a challenging meaning that when she was born she was put into a host family and they swapped her out with a baby boy now named Rhys.  When Wendy returned from being a trylle she was not happy.  She did not want to be a princess, therefore she ran away back to her old house and her old “brother”, Mat. That didn’t work out to well because of the Vittra, which is their absolute enemy.  Wendy is also the daughter of the Vittra king, so the Vittra took advantage of her while she wasn’t being guarded and kidnapped her from her house. The Vittra wanted Wendy for enormous amount of power, Wendy is the best of the best, with training she will be eventual.  When Wendy is in the Vittra dungeon she meets Loki, ad even though their sworn enimes Loki lets her go, when Fin and Duncan came to rescue her.

    Through out the story Wendys biggest problem is the boys.  Wendy is a very attractive girl and Wendy was in love with Fin Holmes!   Fin is a hunk, super hot, but he is  is not ranked very high in their society because he has very weak powers.  Fin is a tracker meaning Fin is Wendy’s body guard and was the first person that she ever meet.  Fin and Wendy liked each other a little too much, and that became a problem because since Fin is very lower class and well she’s the princess and very upper cast they would never be able to be together.  Fin did what was best for Wendy and leftt, well right before they spent the night together smooching and cuddling.  Wendy has an arranged marriage and will marry Tove when she  turns eighteen.  Fin is not jelous of Wendy being with Tove because Tove is gay.  Not many people know that Tove is gay and since he, like Wendy is very powerfull they will make a great couple.  The third guy in Wendys’s life is Loki and he comes to the castle in the story and since he is with the Vittra he is held against his will by Ellora’s powers.  This weakends Elora and Tove is traded with the Vittra, and they promised not to attck unill Wendy is queen.  Loki is in love with Wendy and secretly asks her to marry him.  She says no and they kissed in a magical garden.  Nobody knows about the kiss and it’s a good thing Fin didn’t because he was already jealous of them flirting. Two days later, Wendy found herself alone with Fin and they madeout again.  Fin and Wendy got caught by Fin’s father and Fin left, and if that hadn’t of happened who knows how far they would have gone. The next day was Wendys engagment party with Tove.  Wendy will soon marry Tove while Loki and Fin are still in love with her and she decides which one she likes better.

    Other than boys Wendy has faced herself with some difficult situations throughout the book.  Wendy has been kidnapped by the Vittra, rescued by Finn, and others, even though it was really Loki that let her escape.  She had to leave her life at home behind, her aunt who was her legal guardian, however, she did bring Mat (who she thought was her brother).  Wendy adapted to a whole new life style, living in a palace surrounded by bodyguards and having to act very proper.  Overtime, Wendy made a very close friend named Willa, they had sleepovers, hung out, and Willa taught Wendy to behave like a lady.  Towards the end of the story Wendy caught Willa and her host brother Matt on the couch, smooching.  On another note, throughout the story, Wendy trained with Tove on controlling her powers, never did she know that Tove would become her fiance, or did she realize how much power she actually contained.  One day Elora, Wendy’s mom paints a picture from the future and it looks as if the picture takes place very soon.  The picture is of Wendy being crowned queen!  Wendy asks why she is being crowned so soon, Elora tells Wendy that in order for her to be crowned queen, that she must die.  Now Wendy is very upset because she realizes that her mother is dying and they just got reunited from her being a challenging in a host family.  Wendy also realizes that soon she will be Queen, and fears that she is not ready.  The story ended at the beginning of Wendy and Tove’s engagement party, and I can’t wait to read the next book and find out about how terrific of a queen Wendy will become.


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