The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Recommend for Teenagers 15 and up                         ISBN:0-7394-2711-3

   The Other Boleyn Girl is the story about Mary Boleyn. Mary is fourteen, married, and filled with hopes for the future. During a pageant at court, Mary catches the eye of King Henry VIII. It is love at first sight, instantly Henry falls in love with the girl. Mary becomes his mistress for the next four years, spoiled with gifts for a queen. Mary gives him two children: Catherine and Henry. Mary then believes that her king may marry her and get her own son the future king of England.

   Just when Mary believes nothing can stop her, her king then catches the eye of another young lady. This woman who replaced her was Anne Boleyn, Mary’s older sister and rival. Heartbroken, Mary is furious yet she sees her opportunity to take her  family to safety in the country. However, plans change when Anne decides to use Mary’s son as her own is she can’t produce a male heir. Mary is angry yet she finds comfort in her lover, William Stafford who wishes for Mary to escape and get her son back.



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