The DIary of A Young Girl



Frank, Anne. The Diary of A Young Girl. Holland: Contact, 1947. Print.

ISBN: 055319698

The Diary of A Young Girl,

Written by: Anne Frank

Recommended audience: Middle School and up


       The book The Diary of A Young Girl is about a girl named Anne Frank, who is also the author, living in the upper part of her Fathers office building with her family, another family, and a dentist named MR. Dussel. Her family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Frank, her sister Margot and herself. The other family is the Van Daans Who consists of Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, and their son Peter. They have other people, who are their friends bring them food and supplies. The book is a bunch of diary entries from Anne Frank’s diary through the months she spent in hiding.

They went into hiding on Thursday, 9 July, 1942. Everyone that went into hiding was Jewish. They went into hiding during WW2 because they were in Amsterdam which was under the reign of Hitler. Hitler was one the most despicable people who ever lived. He killed a lot of Jewish people. Through the book, she describes how she feels and how she changes from a girl into a young women. She describes how she feels through the many months she was in hiding. Her whereabouts were betrayed to the Gestapo. She called the upper part of her father’s office the “Secret Annexe.  The book was amazing and it makes you feel sad inside because she described how she felt when she didn’t have food for many days. It is a really good reading book and I would recommend it if you want to know what people went through when they went into hiding.


About the author

About the author



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