Sanderson,Brandon.Steelheart. Dragonsteel Entertainment, 2013

ISBN: 978-0-385-74356-3

Written By: Brandon Sanderson

Report By: Jacob Mendez

Recommended Audience: high school

Ten years, before the Annexation, two years after a burst in the sky had given ordinary people extraordinary powers and were called epics. An eight year old David and his father are in a bank, as if it were a regular day, when an epic comes in and unleashes chaos. Another epic, who wasn’t like the others had intervened and it seemed as if everything was going well until, the epic said, “Give me your loyalty or die.” This epics name was Steelheart, he was virtually invincible, nothing could harm him, until David’s father had shot the epic standing behind Steelheart, and as the bullet passed it had grazed Steelhearts cheek. In rage Steelheart had killed David’s father and everyone in sight, except for young David, who had hidden and had escaped.

Now eighteen, David has been searching for a way to seek his revenge and kill Steelheart and the higher epics, that in a way it has become his obsession. When one day he finds out from a rumor that a group called the Reckoners, who were ordinary people who fought for their freedom from the epics who ruled, had come to his town and had come to kill an epic who is close to Steelheart. He finds his chance to try and become one of the Reckoners. As he intervenes a highly planned out plan to kill the epic, he accidentally almost lets the epic escape, as one of the Reckoners puts an end to the epic’s life. Much to his surprise he is taken to the Reckoners hideout, and is given a chance to explain his reason for being there and also gets a chance to propose his plan to end Steelheart’s reign. Also to his surprise they almost agree, when they decide his plan is full of mistakes. In order to convince them, he takes them to his place where he shows them his highly detailed info of every epic’s, weakness, which could be every thing from being alergic to dust, to being exposed to sunlight, when he almost gets caught by Steelheart’s police, but luckily escapes and after  the Reckoners have seemed to like David’s plan, they agree to take on the risk of going after the most powerful epic, who doesn’t seem to have a weakness, Steelheart.

Description of Steelheart:

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An Interview With Brandon Sanderson:


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