Safe Haven

Spark, Nicholas. Safe Haven. . New York, New York Grand Central Publishing 

ISBN : 9781847443236

Safe Haven

Written by: Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed by: Megan Huynh

Recommended Audience: High school students

Safe Haven follows Katie a 27-year ,old women who has a dark secret and haunting past.Katie starts a new job at a restaurant named Ivan’s, she buys a little cottage on the outside of town and meets Jo her new friend and neighbor. Katie becomes a regular at a general store that is ran by Alex. Alex is a widower of 2 children, Josh and Kristen,  Alex was also an ex-detective for South Port. Kristen and Katie become friends, but Alex and Josh don’t really hit it off with Katie in the start.  One day Josh falls into the water at the port and starts drowning, while Alex saves Josh, Katie comforts Kristen. After the accident, Alex and Katie become friendlier and she invites him over for dinner. At dinner Alex guesses Katie’s secret, her name isn’t really Katie it’s Erin, she is married to Kevin, a police officer who abused her. He promises her that he’ll keep her secret and their relationship become deeper. Kevin is furious when he finds out she has left him, he eventually tracks her down and finds her new identity and finds out where she is, he goes to South Port and sees Katie.

Katie is babysitting Josh and Kristen while Alex is away picking his friend up from the airport. Kevin sets Alex’s house on fire with Katie, Josh, and Kristen in it. All of them escape and Kevin and Katie fight, Alex comes and takes the kids to Katie’s house, Kevin goes to Katie’s house. Katie realizes Kevin is going to her house and becomes terrified and goes home. At the house Kevin attacks Alex with a crowbar, Katie kills Kevin with a gun. After the accident, Alex gives Katie a letter from his late wife Carly, she goes to her little cottage and decides to meet up with Jo, she finds Jo’s house in such a bad state no one can ever possibly live there, she thinks that Jo was in her imagination. Katie reads the letter and in the letter Carly tell to whoever is reading the letter, that means Alex loves you. Carly request that she take care of the children and Alex, she reads further more into the letter and finds out Carly’s friends called her Jo, she realizes that Jo is Carly’s spirit watching over everyone. Katie finishes the letter and returns to Alex, she sees Jo in the light waving goodbye to her.

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