Safe Haven


Spark, Nicholas. Safe Haven. . New York, New York Grand Central Publishing 

ISBN : 9781847443236

Safe Haven

Written by: Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed by: Roger Barragan 

Recommended Audience: High school students

Safe Haven is a romantic novel written by the famous author to The Notebook, NIcholas Sparks. Set in the small town of Southport, North Carolina we are introduced to a young woman named Katie. Leaving a turbulent unknown past ( spoiler alert must read book to find out) Katie seeks solace and  anonymity in Southport. Although she doesn’t plan on staying to long, she befriends her neighbor Jo , that unknown to her will be her angel in disguise. Along the way she meets  Alex, a widowed, father of two and the owner of the local shop closest to Katie’s secluded home. Although she is trying to maintain anonymity in this small town she cant help but get closer to Alex as her stay in Southport is extended longer than planned. Slowly her and Alex form a close and caring friendship that slowly turns into love and passion. This town that was once an unexpected short pit stop for Katie was becoming to feel like a possible home with her love and best friend by the side. But like all good things, they must come to an end, Katie is welcomed back to her past and this time there may be no escape and her life isn’t the only one on the life. What will be of Katie and Alex? What is this turbulent past that Katie cant escape? Must read the novel to find out what’s in store in next. Full of romance and suspense this Nicholas Sparks novel is a must read and different from his typical love stories.

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