Paper Towns

Green, John. Paper Towns. 1st ed. New York: Penguin Group, 2008. Print.

ISBN: 9780142414934

Paper Towns

Written By: John Green

Reviewed By: Sara Nunes-Naeole

Recommended  Audience: High school

          Quentin Jacobsen was just a normal high school student who had awkward and traumatizing moments like everyone else. But one day when he was a kid he went to Jefferson Park with his childhood best friend Margo Roth Spiegelman, they found a dead body. The strange thing wasn’t so much the dead body but it was the fact that after that day they never so much as said a “hello” to one another. So, Q (Quentin’s nickname) went through high school as if that day never happened. He was close to graduation and was just waiting for the school year to be over when one night. Margo came knocking on the window looking for someone to drive her around seeking revenge on her so called “friends”. Q was as hesitant as anyone would be if there ex-best friend came knocking on there bedroom window, in the dead of the night, on a school night. He didn’t give it much thought and gave into Margo’s offer.

          After a night full of dead fishes and breaking into Sea World, Margo went missing. It wasn’t uncommon for Margo to runaway but this time it was different, her parents didn’t want her back. Before leaving Margo would always leave a clue no matter how strange or blunt it was. This time Margo didn’t leave the clues for her parents, she left it for Q to find. Q thought Margo would have come back after a few days but when she didn’t, he started to search for clues. Unraveling the clues and figuring out how the pieces connected, even using clues that weren’t intended to be clues, was the real challenge. Skipping prom and graduation day weren’t so much as a thought to Q as long as he found Margo.

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