Maximum Ride: The Angel Expirement

Patterson, James, and Abigail Blackman. Maximum Ride. New York: Yen, 2009. Print.

ISBN: 9780316155564

Author: James Patterson

Reviewed by: Jordan Wilson

Recommended age group: 12-16 yrs. old

    Maximum Ride: The Angel Expirement is a story about six young kids, told from first-person by Max, who live on their own. But they are not at all like normal kids. These six seemingly average kids have wings that were created by scientists at The School. The scientists treated them like a group of lab rats and had them caged. One of the scientists, Jeb, saw how cruel they had been and escaped with all six of them, but later leaves them unexpectedly. Max age 14 is the oldest and takes lead, Fang also 14 is a ver emo like character that keeps to himself, Iggy 14 too is blind and very sarcastic. Nudge 11 years old is very optimistic and perky, while Gasman eight years old is a very humorous and mischievous character, and Angel, the youngest, is only six years old  is powerful and also Gasman’s sister.

For four years the six of them live peacefully alone and safe, until the Flock is ambushed at home by strong, horrible half wolf and half man creatures. They are all in bad shape and discover that Angel is missing and taken to the School in California. Max decides that she, Nudge, and Fang will go to save Angel, while Gasman and Iggy stay home. On the way Max decides to help a girl in need and is injured for a few days. When she returns with the group she finds that Gasman and Iggy were attacked and had to escape from the claws of the Erasers. They all continue on to the School. Max, Fang, and Nudge all purposely get captured. They discover Jeb is alive and he tells Max that she was created to save the world and she has been tested her whole life. Still hurt and confused, she decides to not trust him. The scientists plan to transport Max, Fang, Nudge, and Angel in their cages, they escape their cages and get backup from Gasman and Iggy.

They manage to get free of the Erasers and scientists and begin their journey to New York. Max had heard scientists talking about the Institute in New York which had information on their past and they all make their flight across the country. The Flock makes it safely except Max has a chronic migraine that causes extreme pain and begins to hear voices in her head while in New York. With much difficulty they discover the Institute by going through a series of underground pass and sewer. They also discover a whole zoo of cages filled with kids who have been genetically  modified. Seeing them reminds them of themselves and they work to help them all escape safely. The Flock get info on their past before they interrupted a group of Erasers and Jeb.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment is an imaginative story about a group of kids who share the same special trait. The author provides insight on the struggle of leading a group of homeless kids by having first-person point of view. This hidden world of merciless scientists and mutated children is very intriguing. Readers can feel the same emotions as Max describes the arduous experiences she endures and get great insight of this hidden world.

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