I Am The Messenger

Zusak, Markus . I Am the Messenger. Random House Children’s Books, 2005. 1-368. Print.


Author: Markus Zusak

Reviewed By: Moiz Memon

Age Group Recommend: 12-18

              Ed Kennedy is a hopeless card player and underage cab driver. One day, him and his friend went to the bank. With his luck, that bank got robbed right when he was there. He was able to “disarm” the robber and “save” the people in the bank. Afterwords, he receives some cards in the mail. He decides to tell his friends, but they think it is one of his friends just messing around with him.  Audrey, one of his friends who he is in love with, slowly begins to believe him.  The first card contains 3 addresses. At first, he is worried about going there. However, he decides that it is wrong to ignore the cards, and he ends up going to the addresses. He finds each household having a problem of it’s own. At first, he decides that he will just forget about what he has seen and just move on with life. Afterwords, he realizes that it is HIS job to help those people, and he decides to do it by starting out with the house in which a man brutalizes his wife. He enters the house and sees a young girl crying. It encourages yet scares him to even enter the couple’s room, and at the end he has to leave the house. However, he does come back and eventually deals with the issue. The other houses lead him to pretend to be a person named Jimmy, and meets a young girl named Sophie out by telling her to run barefoot in a race.

The story goes on and he eventually reaches the another ace. This card gets him to help a priest, a mother, and brothers. The mother buys her children ice cream once a week, but never gets herself any. Ed buys her ice cream and the children realize that they should share with her. The priest’s church is usually empty, and Ed gets loads of people to show up, making the priest happy. He also gets the brothers to realize each others love for one another.  Finally comes the time for the last ace. This time, Ed receives the name of three authors. Naturally, he considers this his next mission and gets working on it right away. He heads to the library, and finds the first address. He sees that there is a poor family. Even though they are poor, they seem very happy. Ed gifts them with lights and it delights them. The next address  is of Clown Street. He sees his mother with another man there. He finds out that his mother dislikes him because she sees Ed’s father in Ed. Finally, he visits a theater. He realizes that the man had been expecting him, and he sees a video about his missions. On his way out, he finds his final card, the Ace of Hearts. This time, things are personal. The addresses are his friends. He helps Marv meet his daughter. He helps Richie not feel useless. And finally, he finds out that Audrey does love him.

After all these events, he goes home. He has expected all his missions to be over, as there are no more spades. But to his surprise, he finds another card. This time, the card is a joker. This time it’s his own address. As soon as he walks in, he meets the bank robber. The bank robber explains what had happened. Then, he sees the man who had been sending the messages. The story ends in a very unexpected way. Edgar realizes something that changed his whole entire life. He wasn’t the messenger, he was the message itself.

Description of book: http://www.teenreads.com/reviews/i-am-the-messenger

Description of the book and the author: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/11466.Markus_Zusak

YouTube Video describing the book: 

Audio summary: 


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