How To Ruin Your Boyfriends Reputation


Elkeles, Simone. How to Ruin your Boyfriends Reputation. Woodbury, Minnesota, Liewellyn Publictions

ISBN: 978-0-7387-1879-8

Written By: Simon Elkeles

Reviewed By: Ragda Khalil

Recommend Audience: High School

Amy Nelson Barak is 17 year old American Jewish girl who is learning not to be  a drama queen and live in love and peace.She puts herself in place that she doesn’t wan’t to be in. By signing up for a ten day training Israel Defense Force right when she finds out her boyfriend Avi is on the same base she’s on. Amy doesn’t like the base after she finds out she has to sleep an a buck thats old, eat food with bugs in it, and using the bathroom in a hole. Amy and her friends are in the same team, and their leader is Avi, he doesn’t treat her the way she wants him to.

Boot Camp gets even more worse for Amy when she suspects that Avi doesn’t seem thrilled that she’s there.  Amy gets jealous when she suspects that Avi and Liron a strong. tall. beautiful soldier. Liron is everything that Amy wants to be.


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