Hate List

Brown, Jennifer. Hate List . 2nd ebook. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2009. 3-532. eBook.


Written by: Jennifer Brown

Reviewed by: Vuong, Nieko

Recommend Audience: High School to Collage

Valerie and her boyfriend Nick made a list, a hate list, of people they hated but Valerie never expected things to go beyond that. Until one day at the end of their Jr year in High School, Nick pulls a gun with the intention of shooting specific students on the list. Unintentionally Valerie trips and takes a bullet from Nicks gun, save a girl that was on  the “Hate list”. Five months later, struggles to get out of bed on the first day of school. Reluctant to face her classmates, Valerie tries to stall and convince her mother not to go to school.

In part two of the book Valerie starts to have flash backs on what had happen the day of the tragedy. She went to visit Nick’s grave for the first time. After she left to go home when she arrived her mother had called the police because she was gone to long. Nobody knew where she was only Dr. Hieler she kept it secret from her mother she knew how she would react. She thought it over started going back to the meetings. She read the newspaper one day and came up with an idea for a memorial service at graduation for the victims of the shooting.

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