Paolini, Christopher. Eragon. 1st ed. New York,New York,USA: Paolini LLC,Alfred A. Knopf, 2003. Print.



Written by: Christopher Paolini

Reviewed by: Kimberly Lopez

Recommended audience : High School

              Eragon is a fifteen year old farm boy with a poor family. He sent off to buy meat for the winter but on his way there he hears people in the forest and decides to peek to see whats happening. While trying to be peek he finds a blue stone, which he takes hoping it had value to it. When he tried to trade it for food no one would trade with him, he unfortunately he wasn’t able to take meat for his family. After having the stone at his house it hatched and turned out to be a blue dragon which he names Saphira. The evil King Galbatorix finds out and sends all his servants the  Ra’zac to capture them. Eragon and Saphira after to escape their home town, while away the Ra’zacs burn down their uncle’s house. Furious of this Eragon declares himself as a dragon rider. When they leave Eragon decides to invite Brom with them because he knows many legends and stories. While there were escaping from the Ra’zacs they fall for trap that the Ra’zacs had created for them.  Unfortunately Brom and Eragon get injured but Grom gets so badly injured that he dies within a little while. This is when they meet Murtagh who helped them get healed when they both got injured.

               Along his journey Eragon gets odd dreams of an elf in trouble. Then Eragon gets captured by  Ra’zacs and is in prison he meets the elf. Saphire and Murtagh try to think of a plan before so they wouldn’t get trapped themselves, their plan was to strike the prison with both they were able to free both Eragon and the elf. On there way trying to escape the palace they run into Shade a horrible creature that is apart of the dark side. This gives them the conclusion that  King Galbatorix is still involved with the dark forces. This causes Eragon and Murtagh to have a face off with Shade. They then are able to escape, Ayra the elf tells them a lot of what has happened to her one of the them is that Shadow poisoned her. The only thing that can cure it is a plant that is located near the Varden’s hideout at the mountains, in a couple of days the elf would die. They all race against the clock to try to save the efl but it wasn’t easy because they were many obstacles to arrive to the mountains. Murtagh reveals that his father was a man that Brome killed and took his sword from, the sword that now belonged to Eragon. And so Eragon Saphire and Ayra are the only ones who keep going through the journey.





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