Eleanor and Park


Rowell, Rainbow. Eleanor and Park. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin,2013. Print. ISBN: 978-1-250-01257-9

Eleanor and Park

Written by: Rainbow Rowell

Reviewed by: Kelsey Williams

Recommended Audience: High School (strong language and subjects)

 August 1986, the new girl with a strange sense of style was looking for a seat on the bus ride to high school. Eleanor was her name, but no one knew that yet. Frankly, they could care less about the big and awkward “bozo” with curly red hair. All but one person refused to let her sit down anywhere around them. That one person was Park. He didn’t mean to be nice to her, Park was just sick of the name calling already and just wanted to get to school. He thought nothing of the gesture, so did Eleanor. She could see how much he cared. They were a couple of misfits that shared a seat (and a class) as far as either of them were concerned. Nothing extraordinary in plain old Omaha, Nebraska.

One day, however, Park noticed something while reading his comic books on the bus. Eleanor was reading it, too. Finally warming up to her, Park now waited for her to finish reading. Sometimes she would even ask questions and start conversations. Park even let her listen to his music. Friends, that’s all they would ever be, right?

Neither Eleanor nor Park would admit it but somewhere they actually liked each other. Love to them was a waste because it didn’t exist, especially at sixteen. Hate, however, was easy to come by. Eleanor knew she hated her step-dad, a man crueler than a snake. Yet love was a hard concept to understand. Living in denial of their feelings, how do these two misfits change each others life in the course of one school year?

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