Earth Unaware

earth unawareOrson Scott Card, Earth Unaware,

Little Brown Book Group, 2012

ISBN: 9781405529709

Earth Unaware

Written By: Orson Scott Card

Reviewed By: Shea Sueda

Recommended Audience: High School

One hundred years before Ender Wiggins, the child prodigy that conquered the alien race warring with the humans, a strange foreign spaceship is discovered to be heading towards Earth. A young boy, Victor, and his free miner family are working on an asteroid in the far out Kuiper Belt when they spot an alien ship traveling at near the speed of light toward the solar system. The ship is eventually discovered to be dangerous after it attacks another free miner family and then quickly moves on.

Victor’s family and a separate corporate ship decide to attack the alien ship in hopes of preventing it from reaching Earth and attempt to send a message back to the home planet to warn them of the impending danger. Because the alien ship wipes out all radio and laser communications, they choose to send young Victor in a remade “quickship” with data of the hostile new species and their ship. As he is traveling back to Earth in an eight month trip, the humans attack on the alien ship proves worthless and they lose many lives and Victor’s family ship is destroyed. The book ends off with Victor landing on Luna (Moon) with the fate of the world in his hands.

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