Dear John

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Sparks, Nicholas. Dear John. New York: Warner, 2006. Print.
ISBN: 978044652805
Dear John
Written by: Nicholas Sparks
Reviewed by: Kiet Diep
Recommended age group: High School
           The book Dear John, written by Nicholas Sparks, is a romance novel that describes a young man’s first love. This young man, John, had a somewhat normal life going on for him. His father, who he didn’t have a great relationship with, had the same routine every day, without ever missing a single step that he didn’t perform the day before. John’s father was a collector of antique coins that were worth enough to him that he’d be willing to let himself and John to go without food for a day or two. When John one day decided that he had enough of coins from his father, he lectured his father about how he could care less about the coins. His father, after hearing this, became even more taciturn than before and decided to live a quiet life where he barely talked to anyone. This was the turning point of John’s life. He decided to do drugs and drink alcohol with a bad crowd who soon became his close friends, but after dating a girl who would soon break up with him, he decided to join the army.

The story then continues on John’s first leave from the army. John returns as a much more mature man who doesn’t want to become involved with his previous crowd. Just as before, John and his father are as awkward around each other as any other normal day so John decides to go to the beach and surf for the time being. At that moment, his soon to be lover Savannah comes into the story. Shortly after John finishes surfing, he walks toward the pier to see a young, beautiful blond drop her purse into the ocean. Quickly, John dives into the water to retrieve her purse, even though Savannah’s friends wouldn’t even do that for her. His nice personality allowed him to gain Savannah’s presence beside him for the next couple days where he meets Savannah’s best friend Tim.Until the end of John’s leave, Savannah spent almost every day spending time with John and getting to know him, but on the second to last day of John’s stay, Savannah says something that upsets John. She tells John that she loves him and she suspects his dad to have Aspergers Syndrome. This news pleases him but the news about his dad angers him and he makes Savannah cry by yelling at her. He then storms off to only walk by her friends and injuring them because they wouldn’t recline from John’s conflict. Tim, one of the injured, decides to go to John’s house the day after to confront John. After Tim explains to John what Savannah really meant, John makes amends with Savannah and they both agree that when John comes home and leaves the army, they will get married.

During his time back into the army, John is sent from Germany to Africa to either train or to dive headfirst into a firefight. During this time, Him and Savannah had promised to write to each other and on John’s next leave, he would promise to come to Savannah’s home and meet her parents. Savannah decides to spend time with John by showing him to all of her friends and kind of display him to her friends. What actually happens in this twist is that John had made separate plans to spend with Savannah but chose rather to go along with her plans. This causes tension between the couple and they have another fight resulting in them later making love to one another. As John returns to the army after this, the 9/11 incident occurs and he “re-ups” another two years in the army which would later hurt him dearly. Over the next few years, Savannah decides to end it with John only to find out she became married with her best friend Tim. It would coincidentally just happen to be that John’s dad suffered through several heart attacks at the time John was away, so he was granted an immediate leave to be with his father. His father died later that year and gave his collection of coins to John. In grief, John drives to where Savannah lives and decides to pay her a visit. Only to find out that she now lives on a farm and her husband Tim has cancer and is in the hospital. They both decide to “vent” to one another and Savannah then reveals that she needs extra money to get Tim into more than just normal care for melanoma. This amount of money is overwhelmingly a lot and Tim doesn’t have the time to be able to collect this money. This causes Savannah to be chaotically overwhelmed and John decides to help in a way only he could.

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