Dead is a State of Mind

Perez, Marlene. Dead is a State of Mind. Boston,New york: Houghton Mifflin Harcount, 2009. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-547-33136-2

Written: Marlene Perez

Reviewed By: Jennifer Truong

Recommended Audience: Middle Schoolers

This story is about a seventeen year old girl named Daisy Giordano. Her mom is a psychic who solves crimes all over the world using her powers. Daisy and her sisters also have psychic powers as well. Daisy and her sisters have some phenomena when they come to guys like dating ghosts, werewolfs, or undertakers. When they come with supernatural cases, Daisy will figure out how to get the truth with a little help from her sisters and friends.

In this story, Daisy was running late to get to her chemistry class, but bumped into an extremely handsome stranger. The stranger’s name was Duke Sherad, a fortune-teller whocan predict the future. He claimed that he was from a long line of gypsy fortune-tellers. She was a bit skeptical about Duke’s power. But when he predicts that a teacher in Nighshade High is going to end up dead, she is starting to wonder if Duke’s psychic power is really real. Along with this situation, prom is a week ahead, but her boyfriend, Ryan has not asked her out yet and became a bit distant to her. Will Daisy allow to be a match with a werewolf and find out the truth on who is the teacher’s killer? Daisy is going to have a case in her life with supernatural event and a boyfriend problem.



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