Criss Cross

Criss Cross is a novel that is set place in the nineteen-seventies.  In the book the main characters are named Debbie, Hector ,Phil and Lenny.  The whole story is about how they listen to a radio show called ”criss cross” on Lenny’s dads truck radio. Most of the plot  describes how they are bored of their small town lives and how they want to do something to change it ,but they don’t how because they are only teenagers.

I wouldn’t suggest this book because the story line doesn’t have a good enough plot to follow.The plot is very slow and boring causing a lack of interest and an unpleasant book to read. The characters are realistic however because they show real teen emotion.  In my opinion don’t read this book  you may not like it.

Criss Cross


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Filed under Novel, Young Adult

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