Catching Fire


Collins, Suzanne. Catching Fire, The Second of the Hunger Games.

Copyright 2009 by Suzanne Collins


Catching Fire, The Second Book of the Hunger Games

Written by: Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by: Aisha Ramirez

Recommended Audience: Young Adults

Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen won the Hunger Games as part of a yearly tradition. The tradition is that two tributes a male and female get chosen at random. As the winners Peeta and Katniss are fortunate they are in a battle for life and death. Peeta proposes his love for Katniss as she accepts they both are saved from having to end each other’s life. They are both scared for life and have grown feelings for each other. In this book Peeta proposes to Katniss on National Television. She accepts and they become the hottest couple in the District and the Capitol. They are spoiled by all the glitz and glamour for their wedding. Katniss is a rebel who loves to do thing other girls and people don’t approve of. She loves hunting even though it’s illegal and has been caught many times by President Snow. He does not approve of her but since she is a famous figure he can’t make her disappear. He has caught her sharing feelings for her best friend Gale. Frankly, he’s not convinced of Peeta and her arrangement. During this book she has to prove to the world she loves Peeta and not her “cousin” Gale and that she was not just faking the relationship to stay alive during the games.

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