American Born Chinese

American Born Chinese

Novgorodoff. American Born Chinese. N.d. American Born Chinese, New York .Geng Luen Yang . Web. 19 Dec. 2013.

ISBN: 978-0-312-38448-7

American Born Chinese 

Written by: Gene Luen Yang

Reviewed by: Thaotho Nguyen

Recommended Age Group: 10 and above

The story American Born Chinese is a graphic novel written by Gene Luen Yang, is novel consist of three stories: Monkey King, New Kid In Town, and My Chinese Cousin. All three stories has different problems, different story lines,and different time periods, but all three stories had one thing in common, they all have Chinese characters that are facing problem because of their ethnicity or where they came from.

The book starts off with the story The Monkey King. The Monkey King is an adventure story; it talks about an angry monkey king that didn’t get to enter the Royal Party. He got angry and did something horrible and was punished for it. What did he do? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. Then, the novel jumps to the story New Kid In Town. This story talks about Jing Jang, a new boy in town. Jing used to live in Chinatown, north of San Francisco, Jing and his family moved to a new town where Jing is the only Chinese boy. He’s being picked on and teased because he’s Chinese. Will Jing over come this obstacle? Lastly, the book shows a more modern society, this society is when racism is very little. The story talks about Danny. Danny is a teenager who just got himself a little girlfriend, but something tragic happen, his cousin Chin-Kee has visted from China. Danny is embarrassed to have Chin-Kee as a cousin and Danny doesn’t want his American girlfriend to find out about his cousin. Will Danny do what is right? Or will he just ignore Chin-Kee ?


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A movie trailer about the story Monkey King.


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