All Things Wise and Wonderful

All Things Wise and Wonderful
Written by: James Herriot
Reviewed by: Karson Ayres
Recommended Audience: high school

All Things Wise and Wonderful by James Herriot is a story of a veterinarian in Yorkshire, England who has enlisted himself in the Royal Air Force or RAF. Each story in the book is something that actually happened in James Herriots life. The story begins with his explanation of his basic training. To this point he thought that being a farmer kept him is exceptional shape, but he is soon proved wrong. Each chapter begins with what he is currently doing in the RAF program and how it reminds him of something that once happened back home in Darrowby.

In the story James Herriot is all for serving his country, but he is constantly homesick. for instance in one chapter he has a dream of one time when he was scheduled to do surgery on a cow go needed her teets stitched up. after much failed effort the farmer decides he will just sell the cow to a butcher. The farmer is obviously crushed about having to sell his cow and when the time comes the butcher comes and takes the cow away. A few moments later the cow has escaped and come back to the barn and the farmer decides to keep the cow and use it to feed young calfs. Herriot explains that he had this dream because he too wants to escape and return home to his wife and kid.

James Herriot can hold the attention of any reader with interesting stories of his home and adventures in the air force. Herriot goes into great detail about his neighbors and friends explaining all of their actions and describing who they are. Each chapter makes you want to keep reading and learn every story of his very interesting life. All Things Wise and Wonderful is a great book and I encourage anybody who is interested to read it.



video about James Herriot


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