13 Reasons Why

Asher, Jay . Thirteen Reasons Why. New York: Penguin Group, 2007. print.

ISBN#: 978-1-59514-188-0

Written by: Jay Asher

Reviewed by: Brandon Wong

Audience Recommendation: Teen-Adult

13 Reasons why is a book about a small town  girl named Hannah Baker. Hannah Baker is one of the main character in this novel. In the book Hannah commits suicide by overdosing on some pills. Before Hannah killed herself she made a box of  thirteen cassettes that would be sent to the people that was her reason for killing herself. Each tape described to the certain person why they were one of the reasons why she killed herself. She had instructions for the people who received her box of tapes. The instructions were simple pass on the tapes to the person that was after your tape or someone will release a second box of tapes into the public.

The other main character is Clay Jensen. Clay is a guy she really liked, he also made out with Hannah at a party. One day he comes home from school and finds a box for him on his porch. He opened the box only to find thirteen cassettes. He listens to them and finds out he is one of the reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself. He couldn’t believe it. One day Clay was leaving Rosy’s and his friend Tony drove up told him to get in his car. He told Clay that he had the second box of tapes. While he was in Tony’s car Clay finishes the rest of Hannah’s tapes and finds out why he was on them, Hannah wanted to apologize to him for killing herself.

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