Wait till Helen comes

Hahn Downing, Mary. Wait till Helen comes. 3rd. New York: a Houghton Mifflin Company, 1986. 1-182. Print.

Wait till Helen comes
Written by: Mary Downing Hahn
Reviewed by: Grace Nguyen
Recommended Audience:  Junior High- High School

The story begins with a step family moving into a new house at the located church. Ever since Molly and Micheal’s step dad, Dave, and their stepsister, Heather came, she always caused them into troubles because she wants her dad and her step mom, Molly and Micheal’s mother, Jean to divorce.Molly and Michael find her behavior difficult but, for the sake of their mother, they are trying to get along with Heather. As they moved to the new house, Molly found the graveyards behind the church, and haunted by a girl named Helen Harper. Heather and Helen are the same age, everyday Heather came to see Helen, but Molly found out that Heather was talking to a strange girl and told Heather not to come to the graveyards again. Heather didn’t like that, as this situation happened, Heather also purposely cause Molly into trouble again by telling her dad that Molly was spying on her. Heather and Helen got closer, Heather said only Heather who understands her, accepts her, plays and loves her. One day, Helen leads Heather to a river, and things started to get worse.

I love the book! Anyone could read this book, and if you’re fan of ghost or horror books, this is definitely a book for you.  The book focuses on the kids the most, the parents weren’t involved that much in the story. For children, the appeal is that the children are given elevated wisdom, character and aliveness. I like the scene where Helen actually came and threatened Molly and Micheal. As I’m reading the book, I could feel this more like a movie. Helen was really ruined Helen’s family which I think she shouldn’t do that. Once you’re dead, let go of all the pain and bad memories, don’t come back and pull back memories.  Although, Heather’s behavior was rude, but  there’s a reason behind her acting out that’s making her just as miserable as everyone else and it takes the reluctant compassion and understanding of her new older siblings to help her understand that the love of a family can overcome any transgression. Everyone can read this book – highly recommend.





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