The Uglies


Westfield, Scott. “Amazon Prime Free Trial.” Uglies (The Uglies): Scott Westerfeld: 9781442419810: Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Dec. 2013.

The Uglies

Writen by: Scott Westerfeld

Reviewed by: PhuongAnh Le

Recommended for: High School

Have you ever wondered whats it like being pretty? How life would be different if you were pretty? In tally youngblood’s world everyone is ugly, till they turned sixteen. When you turn sixteen, your whole life changes. The pretties live in a new pretty city while the uglies live in ugly dorms. At the moment tally is only fifteen. She has been waiting all her life to turn sixteen and pretty.  Peris was her best friend but peris already turned sixteen and pretty.

Tally misses her best friend peris, and decides to bust into the new pretty city which uglies are not allowed in. she tries to find peris but it doesnt work out and meets a new ugly girl name shay. Shay and tally have an instant connection. they started hanging out a lot and shay becomes tally’s new best friend. As tally and shay hang out, shay tells tally that she doesn’t want to become pretty cause it changes your personality and she doesn’t want that that to happen to her.

whats gonna happen to tally and shay? Will tally finally get to be pretty and see peris again? tally goes through difficult choices as her sixteen birthday comes closer and closer.



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