The Sea of Monsters

Rocco, John. The Sea of Monsters-Percy Jackson Book Cover.2006.

ISBN: 0-439-02702-0

The Sea of Monsters

Written by: Rick Riordan

Reviewed by: Aaron Santana

Recommended Audience: Middle school

The Sea of Monsters follows a now 13 year old Percy Jackson and friends on a wild adventure to find the Golden Fleece. We start with Percy at school where he is saved by his friends Grover and Annabeth and they then take him to camp Half-blood. Once they arrive at Camp Half-blood they discover that it has been over ran by monsters fighting the campers. After killing the monsters Percy requests to go on a quest to recover the Golden Fleece. He is denied because they have a different camper named Clarisse who they believe is more capable of accomplishing this task attempt it. Percy who is angry decides to go on his own to find the Fleece. He is joined by Annabeth and a surprise character on this quest.

They find themselves on a ship of course ran by Percy’s number one enemy Luke full of half bloods who are up to no good. They have to escape which they do and are saved by Clarisse and her crew members are sailing they are attacked by monsters and only Percy and Annabeth are believed to be alive. The two go through many challenges on the quest and end up on Polyphemus’s island where they find Grover, Clarisse, and the Fleece. Once sending Clarisse and the Fleece back to the camp the 3 end up getting captured by Luke and are not yet able to go home.

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