The Ruins of Gorlan (The Rangers Apprentice, Book 1)

Flanagan, John. Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan. Penguin Group,

          2006. Print.


Written by:  John Flanagan

Reviewed by: Darren Pha

Recommended Audience: High School

                The story “The Ruins of Gorlan” from John Flanagan is a about a 14 year old teen named Will who had dreamed about becoming a knight in the “Kingdom of Aruleun”, an occupation that he had thought his father had taken part of.  Even though he had strong desires of becoming a knight his chances were quite slim earlier in the story. He was the smallest of all the orphans that had been kept by the “Baron”. No matter, Will was very determined of getting what he desired the most.

                Will was assigned an apprenticeship to a Ranger named Halt. Will had shown numerous of skills like climbing up steep walls, moving around fields remaining unseen, and his officiousness that earned him a mission with the Ranger. Will had also learned about the Rangers and how they are the intelligence of the King’s forces. He was then taught how to throw knives,  to move with stealth, to track the enemy, to listen to others without being detected, and to work with his unstoppable pony Tug.

              While Will is having a grand old time, his rival from Battleschool, Horace, is being humiliated and bullied by his superiors. Although he was being pushed around, he had amazing swordsman skills. For example, Horace was able to pull off techniques based off instinct. With the help of Will; Horace is able to overcome these bullies and get them expelled from the school.

              Later on in the book, Will and Halt go to the Ruins of Gorlan which was originally a castle but was destroyed. There they find Kalkara, beasts who are said to be able to kill people by just staring at them. The Kalkara are under the orders of Morgath; a lord of Aruleun who was banished from the land. He had sought vengeance by planning to destroy Aruleun. After contacting Baron Arald, Ruler of Redmont; and Sir Rodney; the Battlemaster of Redmont, Will goes into battle against the Kalkara. They manage to vanquish the beasts. After the battle Will was praised for his bravery.Will is considered a hero and receives his bronze oakleaf medal which identifies him as a Rangers Apprentice. On the other hand, Araluen is preparing for a battle with Lord Morgarath.

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