The Moon and More


Dessen, Sarah. The moon and more. The penguin group, 2013

ISBN: 780670785605

Written by: Sarah Dessen

Reviewed by: Lily Nguyen

Recommended Audience: High School and Adults

Emaline had lived in Colby all her life. She was still dating her high school crush, Luke, the most attractive guy in her high school.  Her mother had divorced a man who was selfish and didn’t care for either of them, causing a hard life with her sister and grandma. Emaline helped her mom with work by giving tourists places to rent. She also had to go to their different rents and make sure everything was nice before other people could rent it. One day, she had a tourist saying they would rent one of their VIP homes. Willingly, she allowed and let them rent it. Turns out, they stayed there for over 3 months; costing about $200 a day. One summer, Emaline was going to send the VIP home a gift basket, with cheese and wine. There, she sees a young adult, around her age. They exchange names, she finds out his name is Theo, and she gives him the basket. They also small talk, and arrange a small tour around Colby.

After the tour, they get closer and closer. They would hang out more often, and do little things for each other. The reason why he was in Colby was because he and a lady are making a documentary for a man, named Clyde. The problem is, in Colby, he isn’t an artist, he’s a laundromat and pie store owner. He would agree that he painted famous art pieces before, but he isn’t willing to have an interview, causing a pause in the documentary. Emaline, always hanging out with Theo, hadn’t forgotten about Luke, and are still dating. One day, Emaline was driving, with Theo in the passenger seat, saw Luke. Of course, Luke was angry, so he stormed off, not wanting to hear what Emaline had to say. Things only got more complicated from here; her step father wants to meet with her, she’s going away to college soon, and the documentary fails. This is a great book for anyone who can relate to having trouble with step parents, or just a great book to read anytime.

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