The Last Song

Sparks , Nicholas. The Last Song. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2010. Print.

ISBN: 987-0-446-57097-8

The Last Song

Written By: Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed By: Katelynn Nguyen 

Recommended audience: Pre-teens and older 

     Veronica “Ronnie” Miller is a seventeen-year-old teenager living in New York with her parents and brother, Jonah, but her life unexpectedly turned upside down when her parents got a divorce. After the divorce, her father moved to Wrightsville, North Carolina and ever since then she had made herself unavailable to speak and see her father.After three years, her mother had decided that it was best that Ronnie and Jonah both spend the summer in North Carolina with their father. Ronnie has no desire to spend the summer with her estranged father whom she feels resentment and anger towards due to the messy divorce. Ronnie has so much resentment and anger towards her father that she abandoned the one thing they bonded over; playing the piano. Not only had she abandoned playing the piano, she has also became rebellious; causing trouble in school; violating curfew; and breaking the law.

     During her stay, she bumps into a boy named Will and he was the last guy Ronnie was attracted to. But she found herself falling for him. She also meets a girl named Blaze, who she grows close to because they have common interest and similar family status. But Blaze only brings Ronnie trouble when she introduces her boyfriend Marcus. Ronnie soon notices that her father kept playing the piano and suspects that he has a motive. The whole summer, Ronnie and her father do not bond much, but they do talk more than usual. Though she had not showed any interest in spending time with her father, he continues to show her love, even when she broke the rules. For Jonah, he and his father had bonded very much, Jonah has been making stained glass windows with his dad and he loves it. But all the happiness soon comes to a halt when in February, their father reveals a big secret that leaves Ronnie and Jonah heartbroken. The moral of this book is to never take anything or anyone for granted and to appreciate and love what you have because you don’t know when it or one will be gone.

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