The Fire Within

D’ Lacey, Chris. The Fire Within. great Britain: orchard books, 2001. 1-337. Print. ISBN: 0439672449

Title: The Fire Within

Author: Chris D’ Lacey

Reviewed by: Michael Spedden

Recommended Age group: 9- 13

The book is about a man named David Rain who moves in with Elizabeth Pennykettle and Lucy Pennykettle. Elizabeth is Davids landlord  and liz is her daughter. Elizabeth makes mysterious dragon out of clay. The dragons come to life and have magical powers. Elizabeth then gives David his own personal dragon. The dragons name is Gadzooks and he can write the future with his pad and pencil.

This inspires David to write stories of his own. David writes about two special squirrels at the library garden. The squirrels names are snigger and the nutbeast. When him and Gadzooks finish the story it has a very sad ending. David becomes very angry with his dragon Gadzooks because of the story. David then finds Gadzooks crying and very close to death. He then finds out that the dragons will die if they are not loved. David saves his dragon and unlocks the real power of the fire within.


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