The Fault In Our Stars


Green, John. The Fault In Our Stars. New York: Dutton Books, 2012. Print.

 ISBN: 0525478817

The Fault In Our Stars

Written by: John Green

Reviewed by: Ann Phu

Recommended Audience: Young teens and older

The book is about Hazel and Augustus, whom both suffer from cancer. Six-teen year old Hazel is diagnosed with stage four of thyroid cancer which makes it hard for her to breathe because her lung doesn’t function right. Hazel always has to carry an oxygen tank whenever she goes, which makes her feel uncomfortable about herself. Even though she is a cancer survivor, she always thinks that she will eventually die and there is no hope. Although her parents love her a lot and willing to do anything for her, Hazel always feels like she is her family’s burden. Her dad has to work really hard and struggle with money because of her and her mom has to quit the job to take care of Hazel. However Hazel is a very smart girl. She finished school early and attended college at the age of sixteen. 

Because of Hazel’s condition, her mom forced her to go to a support group for cancer survivors in hope that she will learn to live her life although Hazel herself hates it so much. However everything is about to change forever for Hazel when she met a seventeen years old boy in the support group, names Augustus Waters. Augustus has lost his right leg and is in remission. As Hazel and Augustus talked more to each other, they started to fall in love and gone through many things together.

The Fault In Our Stars is one of the best book I’ve read so far. Throughout the book you can see that nothing is permanent and we are all side effects of living and dying as Hazel tells us many times in the book.  It gives many inspirations and motivations for readers as how people who suffer with diseases and illness are fighting so hard to live, and yet, we people who have everything are not appreciatewith the things we have in life. One of my favorite quotes from the book is this: “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt”. 

Rarely does a book make me cry. Rarely does an emotional book make me laugh. Rarely does a book make me laugh one minute and cry the next. This story contains beautiful prose which will ingrain your thoughts, hurt your heart, and still manages to fill you with love. 



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